this gun is easy to make and does not take alot of peices to make it...sorry about the block trigger.

Step 1: Handle

pieces 7-corner connectors and 2-blue rods... this step is very easy-sorry about the bleary pics

Step 2: Ram

this is also very easy but on the part were the rod connects to the connector piece you have to put tape on or it will back fire.

Step 3: Barrel

build this. it is a little harder

Step 4: Put It Together

put it together- this is also the step were you add 2 rubber bands.
i can see y u need the tape!
what is the point of this there are a million of these and they all SUCK! dont post any more of these!.5*
why did you give it 5*s dude
he meant <strong>.</strong>5*<br/>
Ahhhhhhhhh I see thanks for clearing that up haha
.5... lol
dont touch the rating keep it 0
why the block trigger???? You can easily put a true trigger on this gun. 0.5*
Writing 'SIMPLE' in big letters makes people not want to look at this.
Block trigger:(

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