S.I.N. Cycles Drift Trikes - Independance.





Introduction: S.I.N. Cycles Drift Trikes - Independance.

We work a lot.  Our days are spent at our regular jobs so we can keep our landlords happy.  Our nights are spent pouring our remaining energy, money, and patience into our personal goals and craft.  We’re often tired but we love what we do and continue to push our design and skill.  The trikes we’ve been building exemplify this progression.

Our trikes are made entirely stateside in Portland, OR.  We take extreme pride in our work and it shows.  These trikes are designed for multiple generations to enjoy and will last for many to come.

The trikes inspire confidence and create smiles for all who ride them.  There is a moment of apprehension when people first sit on them, but a minute later they’re cheering and trying to do 360s.  Given that this response is common from six year old boys to sixty year old grandmothers, we feel like we’re really onto something.  The video highlights the variety of riders with their different styles, all having a great time.

The contest earnings would allow us to move out of our garage, get our own tooling, and focus our efforts to start production.  This would be our independence. 

If anyone is in the Portland area, feel free to contact us and see how much fun life is going downhill.


Harlan Whitman: May 9, 1984
Ryan O'Brien: June 26, 1982



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Harlan, to you and your partner, I wish you both a very speedy recovery. Start it all up again and keep going. I'm sure it will pay off for you. Merry Christmas to you both.

Harlan managed to get away to the woods it seems. We want to see your trikes Harlan. :-/

Actually I almost died along with my partner in a car accident not long after this was posted destroying a decent amount of our machines and some critical parts of our bodies. On the way to an event in Colorado. Been healing and relaxing trying not to think or work to much. Also find SIN Cycles on Facebook if you really wanna keep up. Thanks so much for your support!

lol what a stupid waste. the video is private

Why make a video and an instructalbe then post it and make the video private so no one but you can see it?

Make the video public please

I'm in Tualatin. And the video is private, so we can't see it.