A simple addition of a wall decal can make those standard Ikea Hemnes furniture (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60156121 ) something more personal.

this is a great idea but it's not an instructable if you don't tell us how you did it!<br><br>my guess is that you could use any wall decal like you'd find in chain craft stores or home improvement stores. if i were to try it myself, i'd take off the knobs, lay the dresser on its back, apply the decal over the entire front, then use a craft knife to carefully cut through all the seams, tucking in any extra decal as i went. thanks for the idea.
I really like it. May we have more information about the decal? What material, was it sticky back? Did you use a stencil? Anything else we would need to know? I has a sudden urge to paint the drawer knobs Sunshine Yellow. Well done.

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