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Well, heres my new mini assault rifle. I posted a forum topic earlier as my entry for the TVIKT with all the stats.

Pic is well, the gun.

Anyway, I will P0$T if you want me too.


mberg (author)2010-06-08

if i could id rate you 6*! (like my profile pic)((click on my channel to see it closer)

chopstx (author)mberg2010-06-10

Lol i love it! And thanks!

KnexFreek (author)2010-03-19


chopstx (author)KnexFreek2010-03-21

Thanks! =vD

DrWeird117 (author)2010-01-02

Name is very close to the Italian word for spit.

chopstx (author)DrWeird1172010-01-02


Did you rate?

DrWeird117 (author)chopstx2010-01-02


chopstx (author)DrWeird1172010-01-03

Thanks! mI like your psg-1!

Mr. Muggle (author)2009-10-25

what do you mean by kit, Is the gun foldable or something?

chopstx (author)Mr. Muggle2009-10-25

Well, I made some extras for this gun.

(laser, foregrip, red dot sight(sort of), and scope)

Mr. Muggle (author)chopstx2009-10-26

oh, cool. Are you going to post?

chopstx (author)Mr. Muggle2009-10-26

Yeah, I'm actually working o it now.

It's not really instructions, but a slideshow with a whole lot of pictures that could be instructions 

Mr. Muggle (author)chopstx2009-10-26

I'm looking out for it

chopstx (author)Mr. Muggle2009-10-26

Huzzah! It's here!

chopstx (author)Mr. Muggle2009-10-26

See, I finished it and said save and publish, but only like half the pics actually show up!

What could this be? 

insanecreator92 (author)2009-10-25

thanks for subscribing your gun looks good.

chopstx (author)insanecreator922009-10-25

Sure! and thanks!

razzlekunai (author)2009-10-23



chopstx (author)razzlekunai2009-10-23

What's the N?

pls (author)razzlekunai2009-10-23

 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee buddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyy

Alien Terminator (author)2009-10-22

 cool man. How big is the magazine on that thing? you could also probably make that an internal pusher mag. It'd have less shots, but you definitely could. And can I suggest working on the stock? It seems a little flimsy at the joint. Other than that, that's  a great looking gun. I'd post anything that you make that you think is worth it. I think it's worth it!! 

chopstx (author)Alien Terminator2009-10-22

Please look at my forum topic. It explains all that stuff.


cj81499 (author)2009-10-22


chopstx (author)cj814992009-10-22

Yes! Somebody caught on!!!!!

Now, spread the P0$T sign!!!!!

And thanks!

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