Halloween decorations are expensive. If you have some time and patience you can make your own for less than $10.

Styrofoam bricks - Any foam should work, I used the kind used for floral arrangements since it is strong and easy to mold and you can smooth it with your bare hands. $3.50

Sharpie Marker - To help guide your carving. < $1

Coarse File - I used a Foot Smoother from the Dollar Store. $1

Saw - To remove the largest scrap pieces. I used the saw that was on my Multi-Purpose tool. $0

Sharp Tool - To make precision scraping cuts around the face. I used the can opener on my Multi-Purpose tool. $0

Model - I had a skeleton decoration that I used as a model to guide my design. It is useful to consult with, but not necessary.

Wig - To dress up your sculpture. This is also optional.

Step 1: Carve the General Shape

Use the Sharpie to draw an outline of your design on the Styrofoam. Then use your saw to cut away the big chucks of scrap.

Be careful not to accidentally snap the Styrofoam pieces off, doing so might cause an unexpected chuck snapped off too.
Looks great. Good instructable too.
Nice job! Just be sure, if you ever decide to paint them, to use only acrylic or latex paint, and not oils or spray paint. The solvents in the spray will melt the foam. Although this can be used for some interesting effects. You can lightly dust it with spray paint, and it will give the foam a grainy, maybe pockmarked texture.
i use this stuff all the time for little sculptures. i like the face

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