Today I will be showing you my design for the skyhook from bioshock infinite. I was bored during my 4 days off of work and started playing my bioshock and decided I should make a skyhook. So as a graphic designer I drew up a vector design and went to work (after hours) to used the laser engraver that I have access to. I then cut it out of 5/8th inch acrylic. I will be providing a pdf template so you can make it out of foam board or cardboard or what ever you want.

NOTE: I couldnt figure out the best way to make the arm part of it so i just excluded it from this build

Step 1: What I Used

Things I used includes

♦ 3/8th inch acrylic sheets (10x9 18x10 16x12)
♦ laser engraver
♦ super glue (3 or 4 tubes seamed to work as well as the actual acrylic solvent )
♦ a sander with 60 grit paper (for paint prep)
♦ spray paint (black and gray)
♦ rub n' buff (i got a variety pack and used colors i liked)
♦ Bobby pins (used as cotter pins for the spinning parts)
♦ wire cutters
♦ dry erase marker

<p>I used mostly foam for mine, your's looks great though.</p>
Thank you! I could have done better to make more of a replica but i wanted it for my steampunking and it seamed to work just fine for that and the acrylic proved to be very durable if i would have used the actual solvent instead of superglue to put it all together it would have held up when my little brother threw it earlier today one of the hooks popped off and it broke the arm to the hook some superglue fixed it right back though id like to see someone make a motorizes one or at least one that spins without to much play in the spin to see what i did wrong there
That's awesome - it turned out so well!

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Bio: Im a Graphic Designer mainly dealing in wideformat printing
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