This post is a continuation of my previous Instructable about 3D Printing pre-rolled sheets on the Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, with durable resin. Read about it here.

Instead of printing tiled surfaces, I decided to generate a regular triangular lattice, but the rest of the process is fundamentally the same.

Step 1: The Only Step

What you'll need:

1. Form 2

2.Rhino 3D

3. Grasshopper plugin

4. Intralattice plugin for grasshopper

Follow the instructions from the previous instructable. Or begin directly with the attached grasshopper script (spiral_intralattice.gh), rhino file, and STL (Lattice_textile.STL).

When you open spiral_intralattice.gh, you should find input surface 1 and 2. Model any surface, offset it, and apply both surfaces to the grasshopper file, it will then generate a latticed surface that matches the topology you made.

In my case, I modeled a simple spiral so that I could print a long roll.


The new geometry allows for thicker members (1 mm) but more pliability. Additionally, there is no post-curing involved, and instead I recommend just leaving the part to dry in the sun.

There is also no need for a support structure, since the model consists of its own triangular lattice structure.


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