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Introduction: S.L.A.K.R

Since i generally hate typing the long intros that so many people seem to like im just going to give you the facts and get it over with! LOL

- 40 foot range with one band
- comfy stock
- new triger
- side mounted magazine

- jams about once every other mag
- may require a broken part, though i don't think it needs it.

On to the building!

Step 1: Build!

Just build every thing that you see.

Step 2: Assembling

Just follow the image notes



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Fantastic! I will build later and fix the stock.

I like the concept of a side loading mag.  Now if you made it removable like on a type 100.  I've used one in COD WAW and its tight.  (TD, I know it exists in real life but the only way I've used one is in the game)

yeah that one is pretty good, i like the side-loading too ^^ maybe i will try to build the mech, but i'm lazy, so i think its done in half a year xD

lol, ill make one

I'm thinkin about makin a sten.

This was originally supposed to be a fg 42 (ww2 German assault rifle) but i didnt like how it looked in knex so it turned into this. the mag is semi removable you jsut have to remove 2 pieces on the other side and pull up/down and it comes off.

I know about how to remove the mag but it would be tight if it just slid in and out.

I never said it wasn't.