It's simple, super comfortable, gets about the same range as the CS3, and of course, it's SLIM. (firing pin not pictured)
It's not you're best gun...
Lol, no kidding, I just made it cause I wanted a simple shotgun for knex batlles with my friend.
Ah. Other guns that you've made are a bit big for battles.
Hey oblivitus i've got a bullpup knex gun that uses the same way of the barrel but i can't make a Magazine only for a rod can you make or help me?
i'm making a bull pup and i had the same problem. i overcame it by simply making a trigger mech that goes arround the mag. i'll be posting it soon, so you can maybe do something similar to me, but please give me credit for it...
awesome I was running low on parts
i'd call it the slim jim but somebody already made a lame slingshot called that.
 The barrel is of your concepts itryed to make something like this but my trigger kept fallling of nice work 4.5*
i like it , the handle doesn't look too comfy but thats something i can fix, looks promising, maybe ill make i dunno.<br />
&nbsp;why would the handle be &nbsp;uncomfy???
well the white rods would dig into your hands like on the tr but like i said thats nothing i cant fix, you just gotta&nbsp; throw a few spacers here and there, add&nbsp; a little tape and your good to go.<br />
What white rods?<br />
the ones connected to the yellow connectors and the 7 slot connector<br />
There are no white rods on the yellow connectors and the one on the 7 slot is positioned so that it is above your hand and it will not even touch your hand.<br />
Thanks, but the handle is very comfortable, build it as is before you mod it.<br />
&nbsp;cool!!!!! Load the gun like this: (greens sideways)<br /> <br /> i built this gun a few <strong>Months</strong> back<br />
Thanks, but I'll stick with the yellow rods.<br />
&nbsp;did you like this pistol?? lol it was sooooo old!!! LOL
As I_A_C says; meh.<br />
&nbsp;not even gonna give it a try?
I've done it before.<br />
hay, I built a different version of that, but same type of trigger, &amp; much more strong.
&nbsp;cool, but that was one of my first guns i built on my own, so i like it :)
nice! 5*<br />
Thanks.<br />
np<br />
nice!!<br />
bulit it in a few mins and its a good lil pistol<br />
Nice, you can get more elastics on if you use a broken rod at the end of the trigger mech in the orange connector slot. I'm going to add notes to the pictures right now.<br />
yeh i have more rbs on and i figured that it would use a cut green<br />
does it shoot all those yellow rods at once?<br />
Yes.<br />
cool!<br />
Yer pretty kwl<br /> <br /> can u post like how to make a removable mag for me<br /> <br /> PWEASE (does cute face)<br /> <br /> and even subs and 5*<br />
Mepain's shotgun pistol fires 4 yellow rods at once, and its SMALLER than this. &nbsp;It also has a really nice block trigger, I liked using it.<br />
wha?! you knew I&nbsp;was going to post something exactly the same. <br /> its your barrel though.
I'm sorry, I was trying to make a pistol, but it didn't work out, so I gave it a shotgun barrel.<br />

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