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Introduction: SLIM- Knex Shotgun

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

It's simple, super comfortable, gets about the same range as the CS3, and of course, it's SLIM. (firing pin not pictured)



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    Lol, no kidding, I just made it cause I wanted a simple shotgun for knex batlles with my friend.

    Ah. Other guns that you've made are a bit big for battles.

    Hey oblivitus i've got a bullpup knex gun that uses the same way of the barrel but i can't make a Magazine only for a rod can you make or help me?

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    i'm making a bull pup and i had the same problem. i overcame it by simply making a trigger mech that goes arround the mag. i'll be posting it soon, so you can maybe do something similar to me, but please give me credit for it...

    i'd call it the slim jim but somebody already made a lame slingshot called that.

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     The barrel is of your concepts itryed to make something like this but my trigger kept fallling of nice work 4.5*

    i like it , the handle doesn't look too comfy but thats something i can fix, looks promising, maybe ill make i dunno.

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     why would the handle be  uncomfy???

    well the white rods would dig into your hands like on the tr but like i said thats nothing i cant fix, you just gotta  throw a few spacers here and there, add  a little tape and your good to go.

    the ones connected to the yellow connectors and the 7 slot connector

    There are no white rods on the yellow connectors and the one on the 7 slot is positioned so that it is above your hand and it will not even touch your hand.

    Thanks, but the handle is very comfortable, build it as is before you mod it.

     cool!!!!! Load the gun like this: (greens sideways)

    i built this gun a few Months back

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    Thanks, but I'll stick with the yellow rods.