An SLR camera cake with all the bells and whistles!

Step 1: Layer 1

The first two layers are constructed from an every day sheet cake. Put one layer down. Fill with frosting and put the other layer down on top.
duude....i have that same camera just real and in gold! Im going to have to make one for my birthday!
Really great cake. I'll have to try it sometime.
I love the idea, but it needs more instructions to be considered an Instructable. As it is, it should be republished as a Slideshow.
I agree
you COULD make a simple pin hole camera in the cake.......... so it would take one picture
I love the cake! I think there is enough instuctions on how it was made. It has a step by step guide. Great job!
This project looks awesome but there isn't enough documentation of you actually making it to be a full Instructable. There are two things which you could do. 1) If you happen to have images of you making your project you can create some more steps, add those additional photos into your Instructable and then republish your Instructable. 2) If you don't have any more pictures of you working on your project, that's ok too. That just means that your project is better suited to be submitted as a slideshow. Your images are already in your library, and you can use the same text that you have already written for your Instructable so it should only take a few minutes to create your slideshow and show the world what you made! Thanks for your submission and let me know if you have any questions along the way.

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