this is my truck. the body came from knex.com.
also say what ever you want about this

Step 1: step1:get the parts


tan/blue clip:5
steering wheel:1
y clip:4
dark gray:15

bule spacer:4
<p>this car is awesome! I uses a lot of pieces though but the steering is amazing! I even made the mini version of this car</p>
i built this a while ago <br>i thought it was ok...ish so i did some mods on the steering to make it work better, added a seat, and made it a convertible with a pop up roof <br>i might add pictures
yeah me too<br>
i have an instruction book that has this car in it.
this is almost exactly the same, just a little bit worse. i have the instructional book to make this and its almost exactly the same, except with a slight mod to make this so called suspension. i think its a useless modification and you should have just posted it the same as it was.<br />
well yes... but after this i made a seat and a roof and a trailer and i think a plane to go on the trailer ill get pics up once my other computer is back from the shop
this is cool!<br /> <br />
Hello, your Knex Truck is extremely good! I decided to build it but when I had finished I realized that there was no suspension! I had a quick check through the instructions to see if there was anything I had missed, (there wasn't). So I was wondering if you could tell me if it is me who has made the mistake or if it doesn't actually have a suspension? Thanks.
yes it does but not the greatest it is silmaller to thishttp://www.instructables.com/id/smallest-knex-suspension-truck-on-this-site/<br/>
What's the wrapper from? <sub>mysterious</sub><br/>
lol it from a yo crunch
This was an awsome truck. I made it with 4 wheel steering and suspension. Should I make it an instructable.
yes please
I made the instructable for 4 wheel steering.
kewl i like the mech
great car but some of the pictures were abit bright 5*
yeh but im not post more pics
Wow, this one is very recent! Nice! 5 stars!
i added some mods to mine and i wanted to see what the creator thinks
cool! can u show a pic?
yeah actually i made instructions check um out
May I ask why this instructable is in the K.U,T K'nex-Assualt Team which is for k'nex guns?
cool, try adding a 2-way motor. 4* also, your sword is flimsy, try making it stronger
i have a blue motor that i tried
i like it not bad 5*
i made this b4 it is awsome
awesome lol

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