this is my truck. the body came from
also say what ever you want about this
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Step 1: Step1:get the parts


tan/blue clip:5
steering wheel:1
y clip:4
dark gray:15

bule spacer:4

Step 2: Step2:body

follow the pics

Step 3: Step3:front wheel shocks/steering

follow the pics

Step 5: Step5:seat/antenna

Picture of step5:seat/antenna
just some add ons

Step 6: Step6:put it toghter

follow the pics

Step 7: Other stuff

just some stuff ive made
Peacedude108 months ago

this car is awesome! I uses a lot of pieces though but the steering is amazing! I even made the mini version of this car

i built this a while ago
i thought it was ok...ish so i did some mods on the steering to make it work better, added a seat, and made it a convertible with a pop up roof
i might add pictures
jammy53 years ago
yeah me too
mberg3 years ago
i have an instruction book that has this car in it.
mikstr25 years ago
this is almost exactly the same, just a little bit worse. i have the instructional book to make this and its almost exactly the same, except with a slight mod to make this so called suspension. i think its a useless modification and you should have just posted it the same as it was.
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  mikstr24 years ago
well yes... but after this i made a seat and a roof and a trailer and i think a plane to go on the trailer ill get pics up once my other computer is back from the shop
peepee45 years ago
this is cool!

Hello, your Knex Truck is extremely good! I decided to build it but when I had finished I realized that there was no suspension! I had a quick check through the instructions to see if there was anything I had missed, (there wasn't). So I was wondering if you could tell me if it is me who has made the mistake or if it doesn't actually have a suspension? Thanks.
yes it does but not the greatest it is silmaller to this
julian25966 years ago
alfpwns6 years ago
What's the wrapper from? mysterious
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  alfpwns6 years ago
lol it from a yo crunch
GTRPLR19956 years ago
This was an awsome truck. I made it with 4 wheel steering and suspension. Should I make it an instructable.
yes please
I made the instructable for 4 wheel steering.
kewl i like the mech
king10006 years ago
great car but some of the pictures were abit bright 5*
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  king10006 years ago
yeh but im not post more pics
Skreetsha6 years ago
Wow, this one is very recent! Nice! 5 stars!
killer carz6 years ago
i added some mods to mine and i wanted to see what the creator thinks
cool! can u show a pic?
yeah actually i made instructions check um out
Masterdude6 years ago
May I ask why this instructable is in the K.U,T K'nex-Assualt Team which is for k'nex guns?
DJ Radio6 years ago
cool, try adding a 2-way motor. 4* also, your sword is flimsy, try making it stronger
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
i have a blue motor that i tried
amtdude6 years ago
i like it not bad 5*
i made this b4 it is awsome
pls6 years ago
awesome lol