SMALLEST Real Wood Chris Craft R/C Boat





Introduction: SMALLEST Real Wood Chris Craft R/C Boat

I designed and crafted this boat without instructions. I used electronics out of a Losi Micro-T R/C car. I formed, glued, painted and varnished the entire boat freehand. I'll post a video of it in a pool soon.



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    I'm curious, I suppose it must be fairly simple if all boats work this way, but why doesn't the boat take on water through the hole in the hull where the propeller is mounted?

    I've been wanting to do this for a while myself but that's been the only concept I can't get in my head.

    Also, what kind of range do you get? Top speed?

    nice boat

    Absolutely beautiful, is there any way I could get a schematic or drawings from you for this? Also how were you able to waterproof hull around the prop shaft?

    Le savoir n'a d'intérêt que partagé. Pas d'instructions de montage. C'est tout sauf un DIY!

    Knowledge has shared that interest. No instructions. It is anything but a DIY
    google translator

    can't wait for the vid

    toooo coooool

    Fantastic!! Would like to see you post a set of drawings of either or both of the Cris Craft boats. You would be a good candidate for working for one of the boat companies that make the replicas of the boats made in the 20's and 30's with the new cold forming technique.

    i like i like