A tent with interactive lights and sounds embedded in 3 cushions. One cushion using conductive fabric acts as a control to choose the combination of light and sound to create a fun environment. One cushion is embedded with a speaker. The third cushion has RGB lights inside.


Smart Fort from vidhi goel on Vimeo.

It gets featured on ADAFRUIT!


Step 1: Start

You Will Need-
Tent - Wooden square dovels, round dovels, Chiselling tools or the CNCLinen fabric. [one can customise and build their own design]
Cushions- Colorful fabric ( Felt), Translucent Fabric(for light to pass while diffusing it), Plush fillers, colorful threads
Electronics - Arduino Uno, Wave Shield flora kit, Led RGB strip, Conductive fabric(capacitive sensors), Wires, Alligator clips, Soldering Equipments Conductive thread, Needle

A. Wave Shield Assembly

• We start by putting together the waveshield as instructed by Adafruit website. The waveshield sits on top of the Arduino board.
• http://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-wave-shield-audio-shield-for-arduino/overview
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At what angle did you cut the mortises at on the top
That is a great project- way better than the tent/fort I made for my kids! This is definitely going on my to do list.

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