I am going to show you how to build a "SMART ROCKET" bottle launcher.  Everything was built using PVC40 PE PIPE and attachments.  You can purchase the supplies from any hardware store, I got mine from Home Depot.  Reason why I call it a "SMART ROCKET" is because it uses the Smart Water bottle (and it is longer than a normal pop bottle). 

Please check out my video tutorial of it as well.


Never glue the PVC Pipe together until you have the entire unit built.

As far as the Zip Ties goes.  You want to fit the bottle you are using down the 6 1/2" pipe upto the Coupling.  Place the zip tie on the rim of the bottle to see what the length of the zip tie you would need.

Assemble them in this order:
6 1/2" section of pipe
1/2" coupling (with zip ties taped to the coupling)
2" section of pipe
1/2" TEE
2" section of pipe (filled with hot glue)
1 1/2" section of pipe (goes on middle part of TEE)

It's not clear to me how a launch is triggered -- just by a build up of air pressure overcoming the grip of the cable ties?
what is the reason for the square of pvc in the middle? <br>
If I am understanding what you ate asking. The reason is so you can tilt it up and down, and rotate it left and right. Forgot to add how the rocket moves before launch.
Nice play toy......cheap, but effective......Now I need one......

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