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This is one of my entries into the Get the LED Out Challenge.

It is a surface mount LED Octopus (or decapus (pronounced deca-pus as opposed to de-cap-us), or in real terms, an octopus with 10 tentacles.) It is made with SMD LED's simply because that is what I had and to avoid pouring my money into the hole in the earth that is called Radio Shack. I will never pay $3.00 for an LED. This is a great tool for those in to long exposure photography and I have included some l.e. photos I have taken using this device.

This will be turned into an Instructable at some point, weather or not it be soon, I do not know.


zachninme (author)2008-02-09

I really like the long-exposures.

marc92 (author)zachninme2008-02-12

Thanks, I have more if you want to see them.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-09

Nice. It looks pretty awesome, especially with the blobs of the hot glue. Nice job, How did you do it? And when will you post an Instructable? ;-)

marc92 (author)GorillazMiko2008-02-09

Hopefully soon, but I wanted to get this in before the contest ended :)

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