When recently testing a circuit board full of SMD's (Surface Mount Devices) I discovered that it can be quite difficult to manage holding two probes which whilst slim, are still quite clunky in relation to the devices being tested. In fact, the tips of the 2mm probes were as big as some of the devices I was testing.

I decided to make a probe where the prods are joined together so that both can be managed with one hand, useful for resistance testing and testing the voltage across a device, and where the tips are shaped to better fit SMD's.

Because the test leads for my meter are soldered into it, I made a probe with sockets that the meter's test prods can plug into.
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it would be easier to connect it in the multmeter using this:
throbscottle (author)  tgferreira1842 years ago
Mmmft - neat :-)
sylvain013 years ago
verry good
rimar20003 years ago
Very clever. I will do one. Although I don't habitually work in electronics, sometimes I have the same problem using the multimeter.
Bongmaster3 years ago
thats pretty neat :) we al know how its like to try holding the normal probes like chopsticks and try using them that way XD