Introduction: SMG & Stock.

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Here is small compact gun i made, Reminds me of the SMG. I also added a stock to the design, to make it more stable and allow for a more precise shot. It is not really bringing in any new ideas to the table, it is just a new design. Hope you like it and can follow the instructions easily. Any ideas for improvement or look would be greatly appreciated.

Step 1: The Barrel & Handles.

Picture of The Barrel & Handles.

If you look at the below image, you should easily know what you need to make these parts. Also you should have a idea on how to make it too. If you have any questions on how to make these parts, then please leave a comment.

Step 2: Stock.

Picture of Stock.

The stock is fairly simple just join all the parts together as shown. Do not connect it to the rest of the gun, until you have placed the ram into the barrel. To save yourself time and frustration of taking it apart all the time.

Step 3: The Ram.

Picture of The Ram.

This is not that hard, just connect in as shown in the picture. As a tip, use Cello tape to stick the pieces to the actual rod. ( Only the Grey piece ) Saves it from disconnecting when loaded and also with enough tape in the way. It can absorb much more pressure when using more elastics. ( More power )

The Brown little pieces at each end, allow the ram to run smoothly across the top of the stock. Also giving a easy reload, by pulling it back.

Step 4: Setting Up the Elastics.

Picture of Setting Up the Elastics.

The main elastic for the trigger should be stretched as shown in the picture. The other elastic should be coming from the back of the ram to the very front resting on the two Grey tips of the rods. It is up to you where you would like to tuck the stretched elastic. I would recommend tucking them underneath the red pieces, in the groves. Out of sight.

Step 5: Connecting the Stock to the Gun.

Picture of Connecting the Stock to the Gun.

Tip: Do all this after placing the Ram into the barrel, then get all the elastics on now before connecting the stock.

You probably already know where you have to connect everything. Make sure the Grey rods on the stock clip into the Yellow pieces on the Barrel. Also remember to clip the other Grey rod underneath, where the space is.

Step 6: Finished.

Picture of Finished.

Thats it, just make sure all the parts are connected well.

This Gun fires: Green pieces, White rods, blue rods and also Yellow rods.

Tip: I would recommend using the blue and Yellow pieces.

Hope this was easy to understand, i would appreciated comments for improvement and looks.


THE SGT (author)2007-07-27

here is another gun i have made i will be putting the guide up soon. It is meant to resemble the AK-47, also has a nice recoil to it. Very powerful too.

adamsdead (author)THE SGT2007-08-13

hows this for an ak47 (true trigger)

Barris (author)adamsdead2011-11-10

more like a sniper

dosent really look like and ak47,maybe an m16

Yeah I know, (now) I was modeling after a G.I Joe gun And thought it was a m16 Later to look up ak-47 on the internet i.e Google.



ShotPain (author)adamsdead2007-12-28

My unfinished ak47

Whaleman (author)ShotPain2007-12-31

Moi AK.

adamsdead (author)ShotPain2007-12-28

Is that kinda a mix of my gun with some mods? (p.s. that looks pretty cool :-)I like it.)

ShotPain (author)adamsdead2007-12-28

Well, not really, i built your gun (awsome range btw ;) and i couldn't be bothered building another one so i stripped your guns firing system, and made it true trigger, then i added a handle and some cosmetics and "Hey Presto" an AK-47

adamsdead (author)ShotPain2007-12-30


KalphaK (author)adamsdead2007-09-04

You will post that gun i will eat you.

THE SGT (author)adamsdead2007-08-13

This does not look like an AK-47. You could maybe pick out features like the Stock, ( Maybe ) or the shape in the middle. Still it is to long at the front. However, i do like that you have made a True trigger. I have seen this same trigger mechanism before, not really new. But hey, at least you are coming up with ideas upon how to make it better. Here are some new shots, i have added a lot more strength to it now. The barrel was redesigned again, Stock too. these two alone made it easier to load and fire. Also if you remove the handle on top and look down the the barrel you have a great sight. ( You line up the white back piece, with the front orange piece. ) I have never missed a target yet. Also as i have not yet got round to making a guide, maybe the more creative of you could create it from these pictures. Any questions, i will answer. Hope you like the design and ANY ideas for improvement or look, would be greatly appreciated.

iKill (author)THE SGT2007-08-21

i dont see a trigger otherwise i would make it

adamsdead (author)THE SGT2007-08-13

i guess i just thought thats wut i was replicating ( i saw it on tv)

Flie-Ing GOOse (author)adamsdead2007-08-20


Flie-Ing GOOse (author)THE SGT2007-08-20

how long away till u post?

i am probely going to post that gun if i find my camera.

Knexfan (author)THE SGT2007-08-12

Yo, that gun is gonna look sweet when it's done. Could you tell me where to go if/when you put it up? I'd love to build it.

MD_Willington (author)THE SGT2007-07-30

looks like an AK? It looks like a FAMAS with the magazine at the wrong end...

THE SGT (author)MD_Willington2007-07-30

Nice gun, is that yours.

MD_Willington (author)THE SGT2007-07-30

Yep. It is the civilian version of the AKM-100 series, otherwise known as a Saiga rifle. The reason I was saying yours didn't look like an AKM is because it is closer to the French FAMAS rifle in appearance, those are cool too. A friend of ours grew up in a French colony and she was using one at 14, her father was in the French Armed Forces.

killer k (author)MD_Willington2007-08-06

isnt that gun... well illegal i can tell frm your picture that you hav been arested

MD_Willington (author)killer k2007-08-07

If that was an attempt at humor then HA HA, no it's not a mugshot picture, it is the picture in my current British Passport, I also hold a Canadian passport, surprise surprise huh!... If it wasn't meant in humor... No, my rifle is not illegal. I purchased it in original form from a federally licensed firearms dealer. I then put the required 5 American parts on the rifle to make it LOOK like it does. Contrary to what most un-informed people believe it is not a machine gun, it will fire only 1 bullet at a time, the rifle also has low capacity magazines, even though there is not limit on magazine capacity where I live. I've also had numerous domestic and foreign background checks, and I work for a GSA provider. I also have and EDC which would be my "every day carry" otherwise known as a side arm I concealed carry on a daily basis where legally allowed to do so. I have never been arrested so I would request that you retract your statement.

killer k (author)MD_Willington2007-08-07

so that gun is not leagal on full auto? and if you no wat is the maximum compacity of a mag on that gun leagal in america

MD_Willington (author)killer k2007-08-07

Not legal on full auto. It will only function correctly in semi-auto mode. The internal components of the trigger group are different to those in a fully automatic rifle. Also the bolt carrier is a semi-auto bolt carrier. A fully automativc bolt carrier is made so that the hammer will only strike the firing pin when the bolt is fully engaged against the breach face, other wise the cartridges could fire out of battery and literally blow my face apart. Depending on which state a person resides in, it is possible to own a fully automatic rifle, but they are heavily regulated and registered with government agencies, you need to go through a background check and apply for a "Tax Stamp"... if everything (paperwork) comes back "Okay", then you can own the fully automatic version. Maximum capacity would depend on which State of the US you live in, the laws are not the same as each state can be different. In my state, If I could find one, I could use a 100 round beta-C mag, provided I have the correct tower for the magazine. Somewhat impractical as I mainly target shoot, and ammo is getting expensive, I just ordered 500 rounds of ammo today on sale for $122 USD, where a few years back the same ammo was 1/2 to 1/4 that price. I can get 5, 10,20, 30, 35, & 50 round magazines for my rifle, 30 is the most common, the rifle is imported with a 10 round proprietary magazine, that is not exactly the same as a regular AKM magazine. With the correct US parts and a bit of modification, Orlite 35 round Galil magazines work the best.

killer k (author)MD_Willington2007-08-07

you type way to much im not reading all of that :()

THE SGT (author)MD_Willington2007-07-31

Well it sure is nice, i do agreed it does resemble the FAMAS a bit. I was not really going out to get the precise look but i did go for main characters of the AK-47 rifle. Like the cleaning rod that is below the barrel of the gun, not much more reason it is there, except to add more features to its appearance. I also tried to make the clip look real too, which is the main feature you will see on an AK. Still this is there for show also, i may be able to make it work like a proper magazine but for now it is just for show. Anyway thanks for your reply, i will post the finished product soon. I have changed it a lot from this one. Also i am starting a new group soon so if you are an K'nex Gun builder then let me know, you can join. If not, hope you enjoy my other guns. I will be posting them soon......

Mr Tenacious (author)THE SGT2007-08-07

when will u have the AK-47 look-a-like up?

Vynash (author)THE SGT2007-07-28

o i cant wait for that gun you are making it almost looks like ak 47

kevitidelidi (author)2010-12-05

reduise the red ting

Baron A (author)2007-08-31

it pretty much blows .....................i mean nothing special here.

sbarnsley7 (author)2007-08-03

i just wanted to know how u load it? wouldnt the ammo fall out if u pointed it at the ground?

Whaleman (author)2007-07-31

what do you mean "the SMG" SMG is a category of guns, meaning sub machine gun

THE SGT (author)Whaleman2007-08-01

Yes i understand that SMG means Sub Machine Gun, so i also understand that this gun is not a Sub Machine Gun. It is only supposed to look similar to the actual design of the SMG. Not to actually fire lots of ammo as you can see it is only a one shot gun.

THE SGT (author)2007-07-27

Sorry if this instructable gun is not very original, but i just wanted to start putting up guns just to help myself remember there designs. Also if was very easy to make steps for as it only consists of 3 main parts. So please do not think this is my only gun, i have many to put forward and also new ways for loading, firing and just coolness...................Hope you will like them.

THE SGT (author)2007-07-27

I have other trigger mechanisms, but i thought i would just stick this one on. As i wanted just to get this design on here. Thanks for your reply, hope to see ideas for improvement.

Easy Button (author)2007-07-27

ya cool but a block trigger

THE SGT (author)2007-07-27

thanks for your reply, any ideas you think would improve this gun then please let me know.

Vynash (author)2007-07-27

cool but block trigger:(

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