SMG/Shotgun V2




Introduction: SMG/Shotgun V2

This is the latest version of my best gun ( and most likely the last), except this time there are no cons.

30-60 feet range
comfy handle, stock and grip
bipod (that can be stored in the stock)
20 bullet mag
iron sights
reliable shooting (bullet always leaves barrel)

none....unless u consider an ugly bipod as one :P



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    I would build it but I am running out of k'nex and I can't find any in shops except for either kid k'nex or that realy small stuff that is used with lego

    How is this a shotgun? :S

    U mean the ammo? Well if thats what u mean than a grey connector connected to a green rod

    No, I meant the stock WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?

    lol i didnt bend em purposlly, i just took those two which were previously bent and just formed them into the bottom of the stock :P

    Ohhh ok I see.

    Stock..... otherwise good gun, not bad for a new member.

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    Yeah sry im kinda low on 400 or sumtin so i didnt have enoough to finish up the stock and thx

    Why must u bash on the looks.....i personally think it looks better than most knex guns posted...

    Well, that is very true. My apologies to the creator.

    That's true, it does look better than the average gun.

    This was the best gun on his slideshow, I suggested that he post this one first.

    Handle/stock look really sketchy...