SMS Bomber





Introduction: SMS Bomber

In this instructable I will show you how to flood any victim of your choice with as many text messages as you want possibly even ruining the victims phone and day..for free...enjoy!!

Step 1: Google

Pull up your Google screen and type SMS bomber and press Enter

Step 2: Download & Enjoy!

After pressing Enter go ahead and click on the first link that pops up on the screen as shown in picture. Another screen will come up click on the download link, if you don't have your settings checked to download from unknown sources a screen will pop up and you can go ahead and Mark that box for this download. after checked and downloaded your all ready to enjoy bombing victim of your choice. have fun!



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Just an FYI..I used this back in 2014,the downside here.,once your Carrier detect the way you send multiple sms in a rapid time.,you'll get a notification from your Carrier,your unlimited will be ban for 24 hr period.,(this happen only depending on your carrier network)