Step 10: Changing your Phone's Settings

Picture of Changing your Phone's Settings
You need to change the settings on the phone and change some with your SIM card provider so that no junk SMSs are received. I used a new SIM card, I did not disclose the number to anyone and I suggest you do the same to avoid unwanted calls/SMSs

The first step would be to register yourself on the operator's DND(Do Not Disturb) list for calls and SMSs. That would prevent any telemarketing calls from making your system go bonkers!

Then set the following settings on your phone:

1. Set the "Vibrate Once" alert type for SMS received.
2. Change the main menu order so that the SMS menu is on top of the list.(optional)
3. Delete all SIM card (NOT phone) contacts and keep only one number saved under any name.(Phone number of the person who will receive the "error" SMS)