Picture of SNAPCIRCUITS Audio Amplifier

Here is a very simple audio amplifier you could make with snap circuits' parts and a headphone cable.

Step 1: Parts & Tools:

Picture of Parts & Tools:

You could get all the parts from a SNAPCIRCUITS PRO ( except for the headphone cable ):

  • PARTS:
  1. Headphone Cable x1 ( i got mine from a broken headphone )
  2. SP Speaker x1
  3. U4 Power Amplifier x1
  4. B1 Battery Holder x1
  5. R5 100K ohms x1
  6. S1 Slide Switch x1
  7. 3 Snap Wire x2
  8. 2 Snap Wire x3
  9. 1 Snap Wire x2
  10. AA Battery x4
  • TOOLS:
  1. Wire Stripper
  2. Your Hands
awesomersause3 months ago
Why do that whene you can use the winscope cord