Here is another USB project to share. It is a SNES controller usb port/usb tester.
The USB tester project was taken from another user's idea here in this site. I just did
the same project with some additions in a different way.
User's name is : heat_z0ne
User's Link : https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-USB-Tester/

Step 1: Materials

Snes controller
Hot glue
Screw driver
Electrical Tape
Some wire
30W Soldering Gun
USB Port (the mini one)
1 green led
1 yellow led
2X 1/4 or 1/8 W 1K ohms resistance
1 small circuit board (radio shack)
1 USB cable
Rotary tool

because as you see it is not an original controller it is a 3rd party replacement SNES controller. And I would not use an original controller for a project like this
wait.....why would I want to ruin a controller to build a housing for a device that already has a functional case? ESPECIALLY when you could repair it if it is broken, or make it USB, or bluetooth.

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