Introduction: SNES External Hard Drive

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Okay, today I will show you how to turn your SNES deffective game into an external hard drive.

Material :

  • SNES Game (I chose Sim city but switch the sticker with Mario World ;) )
  • Hard Drive (2.5'')
  • Sata to mini-usb adapter (few dollars on ebay)

Step 1: Adapt the Cassette

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First, you should remove the screws that you can see at each corners.

Thereafter you have to remove everything inside and flatten the "walls" (because otherwise the hard drive does not fit)

Step 2: Hole for USB

Picture of Hole for USB

Thereafter, cut the edge to be able to connect the cable (done with scissors). After this step, we can see that the hard drive fits perfectly with the adapter. Replace the screw like it was at the begininng.

Step 3: Finish Result

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An easy DIY project for everyone for cheap. It cost me nothing. Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.

- John, from Canada


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-04

Awesome design! I love how old video game hardware is making a comeback in the DIY scene! Thanks for sharing!

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