Step 2: The Teensy USB Board

Picture of The Teensy USB Board
Think of the Teensy as a tiny computer we are going to program to behave like a USB/PS3 gamepad. All we have to do is hook up the SNES wires to it.

First, we need to put our program onto the Teensy. Download the Teensy loader application at:


Next, download our USB/PS3 program for SNES from:


This file is the program we are going to run on the Teensy. It tells the Teensy to behave like a PS3 controller. If you are a programmer, feel free to grab the source code and make your own modifications. I also have a hex file that tells the Teensy to treat the SNES gamepad like a USB Keyboard, which is useful for some Android tablets that have USB input, but don't support gamepads.

Now that we have the loader application and the hex file, we need to put the hex file on the Teensy.

Step 1: Connect the Teensy to your PC
Step 2: Press the reset button on the Teensy
Step 3: Select the hex file you downloaded above with the loader application.
Step 4: Press 'Program'
Step 5: Wait a few seconds...
Step 6: Press 'Reboot'
Step 7: Wait a few seconds...
Step 8: You are done programming the Teensy!

Additional instructions for connecting and programming the Teensy can be found at http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/first_use.html