Step 3: Attach everything else

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The yellow/clock wire connects to pin 2, the orange/latch wire connects to pin 3, the red/data wire connects to pin 10, and the brown/ground wire connects to pin 18 (if you are powering trough the parallel port).
dudeishfish5 years ago
Would it be possible to do the wiring straight into a parallel-usb wire?
Could you hook the controller up via serial port?
jitinchigo6 years ago
umm.. THNX do you know where i can get such chips and how to solder the few wires of an Snes to the chip? if so could you make a tutorial on that it would greatly be appreciated!
I have no idea where you can buy them outright, but I am sure you can buy a cheap controller (or other USB device) and gut the chip out.
bike_gye6 years ago
jitinchigo here is a link to show you what to do to tren it in to usb
jitinchigo6 years ago
is it possible to just connect the snes wires straight to USB wires

all i noe is that:
Black(USB) = Brown(SNES)
Red(USB) = White(SNES)

where do i connect the other wires that are left on the SNES controller.
If you noe please email me at azn_guitarist1@yahoo.com.au

please reply ASAP

Hungry_Myst (author)  jitinchigo6 years ago
No, you can't just connect the SNES wires to the USB wires. Well, except for the 2 that you listed that only provide power to the controller. The other wires need to be hooked up to the parallel port like I described. If you want to use USB you need to add some more complex circuitry (like a USB chip), which would be a whole other tutorial.