Picture of Pike fishing.
Hello people. Here are some very useful tips On what you need and how to fish the best way on Pike. Especial when your a beginner these are good tips. Also it`s real easy to follow. HAVE FUN !

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Step 1: What will you need ??

Picture of What will you need ??
299_20700 Predox Rubber Landingnet.jpg
1: A spinning rod of 2.10M of longer for on the side. And for on the boat not longer then 2.00M
2: A strong mill. And it doesn't has to be expensive. This beauty right here was 21.50 EURO`S. And has 5 ball bearings.
3: A solid rod. Can better be longer then shorter. And don`t buy a cheap thing from any tool stores.
4: I personally like a clamping jaws. You don`t HAVE to buy it but it sure helps.
5: Of course a steal underline. Or something in holland called a : diamantje` It`s a reinforced piece of steal which doesn't bend. So it won`t infect your spinner.
6: And of course. a strong landing net.

Step 2: What bait ???

Picture of What bait ???
You can use all kind of baits. I personally fishing with lures. Because it usually catches better AND also it`s not that boring.

1: You can use all kinds of baits/lures. Just pick something what you think is right to fish with. You can catch fish with something from 2 dollars. And the fish can be like 1.20M
2: I do like if stuff is organized. So i use 2  storage containers. Which you can  put into a backpack/case/etc.
3: Also just a suitcase.
4: suitcase.........

Step 3: WHERE to fish for pike. ??

Picture of WHERE to fish for pike. ??
biesbosch-dordrecht-4(p activity,4695)(c 0).jpg
Look for a spot where to wind. Is blowing towards. Usually there`s allot of mess in the water there because All the mess floats to there. And where there is a bunch of mess. There will be small fishes. Looking for shelter. And where small fishes are are picks. All of this is called: Reading the water.

Here just some examples. These are foto`s i took last summer.

Sallad2 years ago
Not many perch where I come from just walleye and pike
An Villain5 years ago

did you back-hook that fish?

An Villain5 years ago
are we supposed to throw rocks at the ducks, or flail them with our rods?
An Villain5 years ago
you should call these lures what they are, the bottom left pair are plastic kicking shad, the one next to the smaller kicking shad is a popper and after that is a silver spoon, next to that is a jointed minnow popper, and next to that is a fixed diving minnow. next to that is a curly-tail grub with a maroon jig head followed by a lipless crankbait. and the top row is just spinners of various styles and colors.
An Villain5 years ago
and sorry for the double post, but are you dutch?
An Villain5 years ago
what reel? does not look like any i've ever seen. and most people i know (excepting my grandfather) say a casting setup is better for pike.
sharlston5 years ago
whats a mill? i cal them reels
An Villain5 years ago
i like fishing, i learned it from my grandpa.
i usually put some live out and fish luars in other places
It's "caught" - not "coughed"
cool bas35 years ago
goede instructions allemaal maar ik denk toch dat je het beter in het engels kan doen
maar 5*