I took my family to Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party this year. It was our first time there for Halloween. As we were wandering and taking in all the sights, we came across a candy shop with a bubbling cauldron in the window. The Evil Queen was brewing up her wicked potions and holding in her twisted fingers one perfect candy apple with white chocolate dripped over the top to look like a skull. The following directions are my version of how to recreate this Disney treat.



2 cups sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

Half a cup water

Red food coloring

4 apples

1 cup white chocolate

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

non-stick foil

candy apple sticks

frosting bag or sandwich bag

heavy pot

candy thermometer



Add the sugar, syrup, water, and food coloring to a heavy sauce pan. Make sure to have your candy thermometer in place. Heat and stir mixture until it reaches HARD CRACK.

Make sure to add the wooden apple sticks and then swirl the apple in the pot until covered in candy.

TIP: I like to add water to my pot after making sugar candy, place it on the burner and boil away. It really cleans up the leftover sugar nicely.


In a microwave safe bowl, add one cup white chocolate and one tablespoon vegetable oil. Start with 15 seconds, stir and repeat until chocolate is smooth.

Add chocolate to your frosting bag or sandwich bag and snip off just the corner. I like to add a small rubber band on the end so the chocolate doesn't come back out, but you can just twist the bag as well.

Pipe out two circles for the eyes and an upside down heart for the nose. I added a squiggly line for the mouth but found out after that it looks best not to add the mouth at this point.

Once you have the face piped on, put apples in the refrigerator to let the chocolate set up. If you skip this step, all the chocolate will just run down the face of the apple.

Once the face is set up, it is time to add the poison drips.

Place apples in the refrigerator one more time to completely set the chocolate.


As a Family, we love Disney. This year we had the opportunity to go to the Not So Scary Halloween Party and I recommend it highly. Great memories and some amazing inspiration for more projects.

Those look so good. Yummy
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