wjwetzel4 years ago
where is this?
gibsoncrazed14 (author)  wjwetzel4 years ago
my back yard
It look fimiliar.
gibsoncrazed14 (author)  wjwetzel4 years ago
ok how?
It looks familiar, just the layout of your yard with the trees. Not trying to be creepy but it reminds me of my old neighborhood in Decatur, IL.
gibsoncrazed14 (author)  wjwetzel4 years ago
ok weird but its not in Decatur , IL but kinda cool that the yard layout is the same
while on the topic of wierd things what would happen if you reply to much on an instructables post? Cause every reply makes the box you type in smaller. Would it just disapear?
gibsoncrazed14 (author)  maboy3 years ago
I really don't know. lol
Well keep replying. WE MUST KNOW!
gibsoncrazed14 (author)  maboy3 years ago
yes we have to.... So just keep doing it!!!! :P
Jedrokivich4 years ago
Totally reminded me of the calvin and hobbes where all the snowmen are standing and saluting the dad as he walks home. Awesome!
gibsoncrazed14 (author)  Jedrokivich4 years ago
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
gibsoncrazed14 (author)  Dr. Pepper4 years ago
Sure! 5*