Picture of SNOWMAN from an old 2x4: recycle crafting

While our home was being built, I would periodically check out the dumpster to see what I could find.  Lots and lots of scrap 2x4's.  The great thing about a 2x4 is that when you cut out a small shape, it will stand on its own.  I've made snowmen, birds, fish, and small pumpkin jack-o-lanterns.

The cost of this project is pennies, so it makes a great craft for Children's camps or Scout meetings.  It is easy painting and decorating so less artistic children can do it and you end up with something you will want to keep from year to year.  All you need is someone handy with a jigsaw.

  Scrap piece of 2x4
  Sand paper and electric sander
  White acrylic paint
  orange pipe cleaner
  Old buttons, felt, fabric pieces, anything to dress up your snowman
  Optional - Drill and broken branch pieces
  Sharpie marker (black)
  Pink craft paint


Picture of THE PATTERN:

I like to make a pattern for every project that I do.  It makes it easier to recreate since I often end up making more than one. 

For a more permanent pattern, I use an old for sale sign.  A couple of drinking glasses and instant snowman.

flyingpuppy3 years ago
This snowman leaves me feeling warm. How ironic.
Mike734 years ago
I just love "Snowies" grin :-)
Could be something for my little girl, too.
Scott_Tx4 years ago
This gives me an idea for some xmas presents