Introduction: SNUS-CHARGER

First, this is my FIRST instructable! so I hope you don't slaughter me in responses....
BUT all constructive criticism is not only welcome, BUT WANTED! Can't get better if I don't get direction!

Ok, this started out because I HATE to throw things in the trash when I know they can be used for SOMETHING. Now that Camel has introduced this little thing called SNUS ( pronounced like loose or goose  SNOOSE) I have got hooked on it& I dont smoke and never really dipped snuff (REDNECKso what of it!) but I got a can of this for free and
wow& liked it.. now as you can see& I have liked it TOO MUCH. and dont want to toss the cans. The are to small to put you license in and make too much noise with change in them. So I sat and thought for DAYS& FINALLY I GOT IT&..

Step 1: You Will Need These Things AT LEAST!

things needed and or some variation of them. I purchase the Energizer charger for $5.00 at Krogers grocery store where they had it in a close out dumb bin. The Snus I get once a week at Speedway gas station.. (Cheapest so far) All the Rest I have laying around the house... as I suppose you do too!

Snus can
Energizer charger
Battery box
small files –chainsaw file


Now disassemble the Energizer charger. This is QUITE easy& take the cap off the bottom and then look inside, you will see on either side that the two halves are just clipped together. One side has a prong and the other has a clip that goes over it. Just look to see which side has the clip and all you have to do is pull them apart. This leaves you the top. the charging electronic board will just about fall out now.
You may have to push it through the hole, but it will pop right out.

Step 3: Measure Twice Cut ONCE!

Now take the piece and place it in the can where you would like it to go.
I used a sharpie to mark the general location on the can. As you can see from this image you need to make the whole in the can quite small.. but using a nail to punch it or I used a drill and drilled the hole then used the chainsaw file to open it up to a little bigger that the adaptor needed.

Step 4: TIME to Put It Together

I used the chainsaw file to open the hole up to the size I wanted. Later I used a small grommet that I had in my parts drawer because after my first assembly I found that the metal in the case was making contacts on the charging board and causing it to turn itself on, thus draining the batteries...

Step 5: Electronic Assembly!

At this point you will need to test the piece to see which side is positive and negative.
I didnt think about this until my assembly time and when I thought of it it wasnt a big deal. I just plugged the charging pigtail into the phone and the circuit board. then put the batteries in the holder and connected the wires to the nubs. If you do this correctly on the first try the lights will come on the circuit board and the phone will say it is charging. If not(like me) just switch them and viola ! I then marked the board so when I was soldering
the units together, I got it correct.

Step 6: More Construction/ Repeating Myself ;)

I, like I have said, do not throw any thing away& so the battery box out of one of my daughters old toys is what I used for this instructable. I originally thought of using the on/off switch but ended up soldiering the to piece together because of such a tight ift. As you can see from the images.

After soldiering the unit together and testing it out side the case to make sure I had not damaged the board, I placed it in the can& at which time I found that it was shorting out because& METAL CAN& duh! So in the above mentioned junk drawer I went a searching for a grommet of some kind. I remembered I had taken a cd drive apart scavengering for parts& I remembered that the tray was mounted with these nice little grommets that would do nicely. So off I went& there they were& Just a bit too long.
So after I placed one in the hole I used an exacto knife to cut the excess off.
I also placed electrical tape at the bottom of the can to further protect against shorts.

Step 7: VIOLA!

Then, I just popped the battery/circuit board into the can. and VIOLA I was done.
The Great thing about this is the extra space in the side of the can for the charging pigtail.
Where as before, I was always loosing it& Now I just need to make sure that I do not grab a full can of SNUS when I'm running low on my cell and I'm all set.

I have been using this for days now and it works GREAT& I took the wife to a comedy club last Sunday night and my phone was DEAD& so as I got out of the truck I grabbed the SNUS-CHARGE and headed in. Plugged up my phone, sat it to silent (for the show) and proceeded to charge my phone and enjoy the show!



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    camel is one evil corperation but damn there packaging is awsum and great for upcycling... too bad it comes from a corperation that wants kids to smoke or use whatever this is

    Cool idea! I have some cans of SNUS and am trying to figure other things to do with them to. There kinda cool shape I think for a few ideas. Liked your instruct. looks good to me. Keep it up.

    1 reply

    Thank you, I'm still trying to come up with more ideas... I have a DRAW FULL of them and I'm using them for containers to hold, pellets,small screws, paper clips and several assorted other things I can remember... ( because I don't want to open them all up to see what i put in them .... SMILE.... )

    Thank you again for the words of encouragement!

    Cool Ible Same here When I Found Out about these I Had To Try them, I Had Smoked Cigs for awhile then Decided To Quit but as soon As tried these I liked them ive got 3 Tins Just waitin for some inspiration on any ideas that i might think of.........

    Tobacco tea-bags? I think these totally died a marketing-death in the '80s as far as the UK was concerned... Nice-looking build, the tin is a pleasant alternative to mint-packaging. L

    5 replies

    u see them all the time here in norway O_o i didnt know what they were wen i 1st saw them laying about discarded in bus stops. but i soon guessed what they were.

    I think the press-coverage on mouth-cancer did it for 'em over here. L

    Yea, My wife was just calling me a crackwh.... well you get it... because I seemed to have picked up my FIRST habit. I don't smoke... and VERY RARELY ever used any tobacco... but... I think it is the NICKO-KICK that has me hooked...
    I REALLY NEED TO STOP.... but till I do... I Have to make more things out of the cans ;)

    Or chew gum? L

    pouces are as common as loose snuff

    Nice Ible', well done! Its interesting to see that the tobacco industry is broadening their products. We in sweden have had snus for many (>200) years and its known for its easy, smokefree use and hopelessness to get rid of. It gives a harder nico-kick so you get hooked even harder. Some scientists compare the habit to heroine...

    1 reply

    I don't know if our Snus compares to yours with the Nicko-kick... but like I had mentioned... I'm not really a smoker nor tobacco dip person.. but this stuff is great.. it's like a breath mint with KICK!!!

    Nice Ible! I have had a SNUS tin sitting around my house for 5 months now just waiting for some diy application, and now i found my motivation!

    1 reply

    Thanks, I know what you mean... I have about 20 cans setting on my desk... So if someone wants one.... I can help... (GRIN) I'm still looking for more ideas....I know I can come up with something else...:)