This is a great way to get rid of annoying tube socks hav fun!!

Step 1: Materials

Three colors if felt Old sock Hot glue or fabric glue Thread Scissors Stuffing

Step 2: Stuff

Stuff the sick with a handful of stuffing holt tight

Step 3: Tie

Take string wrap around a couple of times and knot

Step 4: Cut

Cut the remaining bit of sock off leave four to five inches left at the end cut strips and pull to roll sides in

Step 5: Eyes

Cut three different size circles glue together glue on head and you r done follow an comment I want to see wat u did!!
Thank you Kacey!!<br/> U
Thats so cute!
I will do my research
Triforce out of cardboard maybe? Master sword?
Yes I do do you want me to do something from that?
Do you like legend of Zelda perhaps?
Okie doke
Check your You inbox... <br>

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