Step 5: UPDATE

Ironsmiter turned my attention to the fact that transporting mercury in aircraft was a danger to their aluminum structure. He referred to a pop-sci article titled "The Amazing Rusting Aluminum". Apparently mercury can "rust" aluminum in a few hour.

So i decide to test if the same happens with liquid metal.

I placed a drop on the bottom of the soda can and left it in the open air. It made a little grey fuzz on it's surface. Nothing spectacular happened, unlike mercury. That was two days ago.

I inspected the drop today and I COULD NOT FIND IT! IT LOOKED LIKE IT DRIED UP! Metal drying up, go figure! but there was a large blotch on the aluminum.

I added a little bit of water and the thing went INSANE! It bubbled like a volcano. There was so much heat the water dried up!

The reaction was much more violent then freshly applied liquid metal!

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