This is a very simple 5 minute instructable where you'll learn how to build a cap fitted with solar panels which can charge your phone efficiently. 

Step 1: All You Need Is...

Materials Required:
1. A Cap
2. Wires( take the ones which match your cap color)
3. Soldering Iron
4. Solder
5. Tape
6. A Mobile Charger
7. Mobile
8. Light
9. And yeah, Solar Panels

NOTE: My charger gives an output of 6V and 300mA, so I've chosen my Solar Panels accordingly. Where each panel's Voltage output is 3V and 300mA. So when I connect my two panels in series, the voltage is added while the current remains untouched. Hence they produce 6V(3V+3V) and 300mA.
<p>are you sure it charges??</p><p>i amde it and it just looks like it charges, but actually it drains the abttery.... dont know why...</p>
<p>Needs a diode to prevent the phone's battery from draining.</p>
<p>How did you get the solar panels to stick? Did you use the tape?</p>
<p>im making this project for my science fair and i was wondering where you got your solar panels. i have been loking everywhere and couldnt find them anywhere! </p><p>PS. please respong as soon as ypu can</p>
I'm sorry for a late response. But you can check it online at RadioShack. Well, I took them from a hardware workshop tho.
<p>Nice build. Very stylish!</p>

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