This is a very simple 5 minute instructable where you'll learn how to build a cap fitted with solar panels which can charge your phone efficiently. 

Step 1: All You Need Is...

Materials Required:
1. A Cap
2. Wires( take the ones which match your cap color)
3. Soldering Iron
4. Solder
5. Tape
6. A Mobile Charger
7. Mobile
8. Light
9. And yeah, Solar Panels

NOTE: My charger gives an output of 6V and 300mA, so I've chosen my Solar Panels accordingly. Where each panel's Voltage output is 3V and 300mA. So when I connect my two panels in series, the voltage is added while the current remains untouched. Hence they produce 6V(3V+3V) and 300mA.

Step 2: Connect Via Wires

Well, now all you have to do is to connect your solar panels in series to increase their voltage and bring the positive and negative connections to a side of the cap.

Step 3: Goodbye Charger

Now cut out your charger's wire and separate the positive and negative terminal of it. Later connect your charger wires with the connections on your cap.
Be careful when connecting your positive to the positive side and negative to the negative terminal.

Step 4: Plug and Charge

Now very carefully... wait wait wait! Get some safety for yourself and then plug your charger pin into the phone. If you do it safely, you are great! Haha!!! okay, lets be serious! Now plug the pin into the phone. 

And Tadaaaa!!! You've made your very own solar cap mobile charger! Go outside your home or sit under a lamp. Or sun dry your cap and charge your phone!



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    are you sure it charges??

    i amde it and it just looks like it charges, but actually it drains the abttery.... dont know why...

    1 reply

    Needs a diode to prevent the phone's battery from draining.

    How did you get the solar panels to stick? Did you use the tape?

    im making this project for my science fair and i was wondering where you got your solar panels. i have been loking everywhere and couldnt find them anywhere!

    PS. please respong as soon as ypu can

    1 reply

    I'm sorry for a late response. But you can check it online at RadioShack. Well, I took them from a hardware workshop tho.