Hey guys, I had this idea for a while and now I've made it and I want to share it with you. Super easy and cheap. Portable solar charger DIY

budget $10
difficulty Easy
time 45min

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

To see how I made it, watch video where I explain every step and you can see it in action.



So for this project I used 8 solar garden lights which cost around $8.
you could use 4 but it will take twice as long to charge your phone. so first thing you do is get rid off all electric components inside all garden lights. Leave positive and negative wires that attach to solar cell. Then using pliers or something like I used, don't know what's the name of this tool. Crack cover in 4 corners. After just brake bits off with your fingers. Watch video above to see what I meant.

Step 3: WIRING

So this is pure mathematics, you need to get total of 5-6 volts to be able to charge your phone. Each of the solar cells puts out about 1,5 volts. Therefore we need to connect two cells in series to have 3 volts and another to in series so we have x2 3 volts. Then we wire these in series again and we get 6 volts. I decided to double the amps and make 2 bigger 6 volt solar panels and wire them in parallel later. Then i secured all with hot glue.


So for it to be portable, I decided to make it foldable. So i found an old phone case and cut it out so both of my panels fit onto it. Once again I advise you ta watch video to better understand all the process. Next i used some clear tape to hold it together.


Now we need to wire both halves in parallel to double the amps. So for this connect positive wire to positive and negative to negative. To prevent current flow from your battery into solar cells we need a diode which we wire to positive wire. Now find an old usb wire and attach + to diode and - to - tape it all up to isolate and go for a test.

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YourMagesty (author)2016-05-12

(I believe the 'plyers-like' tool you were using is a wire cutter). : )

BrownDogGadgets (author)2016-05-09

It's a solar setup that "works" but wouldn't work at any noticeable level. Typically solar lights are around 30ma, which means in your setup you'd have under 200mA. The bare minimum for simple phones is 500mA, with most modern phones needing 1,000 - 1,500mA of amperage coming in. (Not even getting into the fact that you always want to overshoot with solar as the sun in very inconsistent) The way around this is to work in a battery pack, which is how most off the shelf small phone chargers work. Otherwise you'll only ever get a phone charging under the most super best conditions.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-05-08

Nice. I have a ton of solar path lights that I can repurpose for something line this.


glad I could help. :)

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