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Introduction: SECRET of SOOT

SOOT Happens....   anytime wood is burned.

Corrected some things 2-2013

Friday surrounding structures are set afire causing smoke and dust whirls.

This ible is my Survival and Decompression for Adventures at the Burn.

You will want protection from what the sun and sand storms, do to your body during the day.
Then the occasional cold nights, the nightime burners who wear NO Lights you cannot see
until the crash and the bonfires at night.

A loose long sleeve cotton fabric shirt works on sunburn protection and as a
sand pelting shield.   I wear glasses for sand eye protection  and
stay out of the noonday sun when I can { no mad dog or English man am I ).
The sweat headband can be an emergency bandage for a road rash crash.

Did I mention that red sweat headband ?    well you need to replenish that
lost moisture in the desert !   That means keep well hydrated DRINK H2O.
Several people succumb to lack of  moisture and have to be treated for shock every day.
I carry two some times three full water bottles, whenever I leave our camp on my bike
during the day,  even in the Center Camp.

Step 1: Sandust

Playa dust is everywhere.  Cooking food is a game fit in between dust blows.
Making a meal, in the dust which is much more visible on a longer view.
You can see playa dust in Pics 2 & 4
Playa dust gets into every thing.

Step 2: Mechanisms

The Massive Trojan Horse.

Some hangers on watching it all, you will never see me
risking life like that without a safety hard hat :-)

A triple Decker VW

Front porch mutant vehicle.


I like this for my grand kids
Now looking into building a smaller version of this.
Just three glulams.
And people surviving the dust.

Step 4: Daily Center Camp

Events day and night
Center Camp of much activity
Go on in and out of sight
To a camera always ready.

Step 5: Creatures of the Night

You can never ever see it all
Tripping through the Lights Fantatique
Where the man stands so tall
A moon flower blooms at midnight's peak

Step 6: Wonders Past

Red, White and Blue are the colors of past events.
  • Red eyes glow
  • White is the Fifth Element
  • Light Brown is the Belgian Waffle
  • Double Rainbows lap over torn dome
  • Light Gray surround  Lakka brandy
  • White and blue very happy shirted couple
  • Ironess fire and water against a dark blue sky
  • Blue graviton mutant vehicle

Step 7: EXODUS

Leaving time....   only two plus hours  to get out to blacktop. 
Not as bad, when compared to 4½ hours of endless delay
arriving only to be put into creeping 2mph parallel lines slot
watching others around me suffering sputtering in the fray

See a pic of a hapless RV towed to Reno from far away.

Survived burning sun, cold hot adult beverages, eaten food laced with playa silica
and avoided injury and death from many directions and means. . 
I am now decompressed.

Thanks for viewing.



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    looks like you have some photos there from 2011 and previous years? the 25th anniversary was pretty awesome

    Mostly 2011and some nice previous times.
    I handed out Iron Pennies the last few years. 

    Past years tend to blend into one overall dusty memory.
    Although the year of the Belgian Waffle does stand out
    as does the Wednesday Ben dispensed a truck of his welcome ice creme.


    You might want to censor the third photo on step 4...

    Thanks, I looked closer and fixed it.


    I signed up for the BM newsletter.

    I'm SERIOUSLY tempted to attend in 2012! Must learn MORE!!! ;-O)

    I'm back to arriving at night strategy, easier  no boiling sun.
    BTW it took two full days with help to clean my RV.  .  .  .   A


    Love the fact you took the "ferrous one cent piece". The last photo of the tall ship is epic! Nice capture. Looks like you had a blast. Was there any problems this year?

    Thanks for viewing.  I gave out 70 one cent pieces with magnets.

    The constructs on the playa were well made and sturdy to support
    the inevitable climbers.  I myself climbed an 8' ladder on top of my RV
    and surprise,  I could talk to my better half in Reno on an iPhone :-)

    Only the usual  problems.  My friends inform me the hospitals saw
    about five ODs a day.

    To be honest, that's why I've never gone. I tend to get my Gonzo on like Hunter S Thompson. That's why I love instructables so much. I stay at home where I'm safely insane and my neighbors tolerate me :)

    My town hosts the Air Races, where an unlimited P-51 regrettably crashed
    into and killed several spectators. I worked for Bill Lear on that airport,
    learned to fly there and used to watch the races every year from the Lear
    landing parapet with friends.