SORA ◣ Watercolor Painting Process ◥ ◐ Kingdom Hearts ◑




Introduction: SORA ◣ Watercolor Painting Process ◥ ◐ Kingdom Hearts ◑

This Instructable shows how I painted Sora illustration using watercolors,

please also watch the video of the painting process.

Step 1: Skin

First of all I paint a flat flash for the skin. After it dries I apply shadows on cheeks and eyes.

Step 2: Eyes

I paint a flat layer of blue for the eyes, and when it dries I apply another layer of darker blue and I add reflections with white paint.

Step 3: Hair

Hair requires several layer, a first one is painted with light ochra, the second one with burnt sienna and the last one with sepia.

I leave white spots for recreating reflections.

Step 4: Clothes

I paint clothes wet on dry, blending colors with a wet brush.

Indigo and black areas required 2-3 layers for achieving intense tones.

Step 5: Background

I painted clouds wet on dry, applying first pink and yellow colors. When paint dried I apply blue shadows.

Step 6: End!

I paint stars with white paint and tadaaan that's it! :)

If you enjoyed this Instructable and want to know more about this illustration, please watch the painting process video:



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