SOS Wallet AKA Mobile Phone Wallet





Introduction: SOS Wallet AKA Mobile Phone Wallet

Have you ever wondered what woudl you do if you lose your wallet? Specially if you are far away from home? Chances are you would be left with a mobile phone in your hand, calling friends or family for help.

Not any more. If you manage to not lose your mobile phone too, then here is a way to store and retrieve some SOS cash: right in your mobile phone

Step 1: Open Your Mobile Phone

Open your mobile phone and remove the battery. My LG phone seems to have enough room to store a large value currency bill. Also, there are a bunch of stickers on the battery compartment as well as the mobile phone internal. In case you cant fit in a bill inside, consider removing these stickers. They will provide enough room.

Step 2: Select and Fold the Currency Bill

Select your currency bill and plan to fold it neatly.

Step 3: Put the Bill In

Place the currency bill below the battery compartment. In some other brands of phones, you may not need to remove the battery. You can place the currency bill between the battery and the rear cover.

Step 4: Snap It In

Replace the battery and close the phone. It might need some force to snap fit. In my case you can see the bulge. But its worth it.

Now, go lose your regular wallet!



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    How old is your phone? what if you have a Razor? where I live the cell phones are quite smaller, I don't know if I can open it w/out ruining it.

    3 replies

    The LG phone in the pictures is admittedly more than 3 year old. The phone in the video is Nokia and is about 9 months old. I am sure you can open all phones without ruining them. How would you change your battery otherwise. But please do not take my word for it. Tinkering with your phone or any other appliance always runs the risk of damage.

    ok, thanks. I forgot to say that it's a neat idea for emergency cash, but my phone has a charger so unfortunatly there is no way of gaining access to the innards. wait, I'll try it with my old phone. :)

    How did you get your SIM card in place in your phone without opening it? Sure you can open the Motorola Razor to change the battery (The back panel covers the battery compartment). I never saw a GSM cell phone that does not have a charger and a replaceablerechargeable battery, even my first Motorola StarTac in the 80's had one. Even rechargeable batteries needs to be replaced sometimes, no need to buy a new phone just because the battery is shot - if you don't want to. Also, it is not like cell phones differ in design from one country to another, that phones in general are larger some places than others, even if there may be some variations (some models aren't sold everywhere etc.). Basically they are the same all over the world, but models vary a lot in size, I guess some prefer them small, while others like larger ones. :) I think storing some money for an emergency in your cell phone is a great idea, but it might be a challenge for Motorola Razor owners, as it is designed to be extremely thin. On the other hand, the alloy body might be expandable and allow for it? Maybe worth a try? :) I sure know that I'll remember this when I travel the next time, then it might just make a huge difference! :)

    The question is what if you lose your wallet AND your phone? Well... Too bad.

    But if you lose the phone and not the'll just feel like

    It's a nice idea, if you can effectively forget your note is there, you've got a stash of emergency cash. However, 100 Rupees wouldn't even buy me a pint over here... L

    1 reply

    True... but a 100$ bill is smaller in size than a 100 Rupee note...

    Great until someone decides to steal your phone, the key to secret stashes is putting it in something of little value. I wonder if cops are smart enough to check in there for handcuff keys and the likes.

    love it. haha my phone is too small though

    now this would rock if ya took out the circuit board (on a broke phone of course)...glued the buttons into place and cut a place in the back where the battery goes so that it would hold more then 1 bill. then it might even hold a credit card or 2...