A sound energy generator produces sound that can affect some things. Its because sound is a form of energy and can make things move or shake. This sound is like air bursting out off the hole of this contraption, this 'air' travels on a straight line for lust a few distances (the bigger the generator, the farther the air travels)


The materials.... You need a cardboard cylinder with lid (like a can of potato chips or some thing like that), plastic or cloth, tape, and cardboard (optional). You also need scissors.


cut out the bottom part or the base of the cylinder...

Step 3: PUNCH a HOLE

punch a small hole at the middle part of the lid. don't make a large hole because it can ruin its performance...


cover the opening at the other side of the cylinder with the cloth or the plastic then tape them together...

Step 5: TEST IT

try blowing the fire out of the candle by aiming the hole to the fire then tap the other side of the contraption and try going nearer to the fire until the fire is out.


make a larger version using larger things like a big drum and try blowing out a bonfire!
Everyone that has one of these (bought or homemade) needs to put flour in it and fire it at there friend for April fools day. Its the most fun you can have with air without a pilots license
What about painball/airsoft guns, spud launchers, CO2 pneumatic battlebot weapons? Sandblasters, spitballs, bad breath, housing nail shooters, hovercrafts, wind turbines, aerosol can flamethrowers, subwoofer model earthquake simulators, model rockets and R/C planes/helicopters, vacuum cleaners, airfilters, fish tank bubble generators, hydrogen balloons, helium ballons, halogen car headlights, argon-filled incandescent(sic) lightbulbs, air conditioning, music playing via speakers, gas-filled lasers, dry-ice bombs, aluminum-air batteries, fuel cells, wind tunnels, stink bombs, smoke screens, real guns, fake guns, breathing.... At this point, memory fails me concerning fun with air.
epic comment...
I stand corrected, I bow to you 042
It's a vortex cannon, or &quot;Air Bazooka&quot;, see also <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Make_Vortex_Cannons/">this Instructable</a> by <strong>Kiplay</strong>.<br/><br/>If you've actually made one, how about some pictures?<br/><br/>L<br/>
sorry t don't have a picture of it, how about next time☺
yeah i took a garbage can and made one flled that sucker up with smoke and it shot a god foot and a half smoke ring about 30 feet it was awesome
Er.. What Lemonie said.

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