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Sour Patch are soft and chewy candy with a coating of sour sugar. I know this recipe will help many Mommys to surprise their kids with yummy Sour patch. I made this sour patch with watermelon flavour. It is very easy to make and Fun too.. Hope you all enjoy this :)

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients


1 big piece Watermelon ( you will need 1 cup of Watermelon juice for this recipe )

2 1/4 tsp Citric acid

1 1/4 cup Water, divided

Unflavoured Gelatin (7 tbsp + 2 tsp)

1 1/2 cups sugar


3 tbsp Granulated sugar

1 1/2 tsp Citric acid


40 - 50 Sour Patch Watermelons

Step 2: Mold for making Watermelon Jellies

Picture of Mold for making Watermelon Jellies

1. Line the bread baking pan with parchment paper and set aside.

Step 3: Blend the watermelon chunks

Picture of Blend the watermelon chunks

1. Cut the watermelon into small chunks and discard the rind.

2. Take the chunks in the blender and blend it smoothly.

3. Strain the juice using strainer.

Step 4: Combine gelatin and juice

Picture of Combine gelatin and juice

1. Take a cup of watermelon juice in a medium bowl, add half of the water in it.

2. Add citric acid in it and stir untill it completly dissolved.

3. Sprinkle the gelatin over the juice mixture and let it sit for about 15 minutes. ( Do not stir )

Step 5: Making of watermelon jellies

Picture of Making of watermelon jellies

1. Take sugar and water in a large saucepan. Bring it to boil over medium heat, uncovered, stirring until the sugar melts.

2. When the liquid starts to bubble, stop stirring and cook until it reaches 300 F in candy thermometer.

3. Take the gelatin mixture in another saucepan and pour the hot sugar syrup into the gelatin mixture.

4. Gently place the saucepan over medium - low heat and continously stirring and cook for 5 minutes. ( Do not let the mixture to boil )

5. Pour the hot mixture into the parchment lined bread baking pan and let it sit for 3 hours.

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CandyLove1119 days ago
SarahKarina1 month ago
These look awesome!!


Rachael K7 months ago

This is so cool. Can't wait to try it.

Do you know if this would work with Apple juice too? This time of year I don't know where I could get a good melon
bajablue9 months ago

Excellent work!!!

Bhawya (author)  bajablue9 months ago

Thank you so much :)

Mouth is watering. Congrats on winning Grand Prize!

Bhawya (author)  PrayingMantisEmilyGrace9 months ago

Thank you :)

ShawnL29 months ago

this is awesome... I will have to make it this weekend.

Bhawya (author)  ShawnL29 months ago

Thank you :) pls share the tried pic here..

cviper19 months ago

these are awesome way to go

Bhawya (author)  cviper19 months ago

Thank you :)

antoniraj9 months ago

congratulations on your winning... it looks very delicious

Bhawya (author)  antoniraj9 months ago

Thank you Antoniraj =)

congratulations on winning! I am going to make these soon!

Bhawya (author)  mothernature549 months ago

Thank you! Congrats to you too :)

karalalala9 months ago

Congrats! Your instructable is beautiful, you totally deserved to win!

Bhawya (author)  karalalala9 months ago

I am so excited :) Thank you Karalalala :)

786Ayesha9 months ago

Hey ! Congrats! I knew you will hit the Top prize as this is so nice.

Bhawya (author)  786Ayesha9 months ago

Thank you Ayesha :)

786Ayesha9 months ago

Congrats! ...... :)

Bhawya (author)  786Ayesha9 months ago

Thanks Ayesha :)

Passion Make9 months ago

Congrats :)

Bhawya (author)  Passion Make9 months ago

Thanks :)

Sonia Thomas10 months ago

I saw apple sour patch last week in the store and today i am seeing watermelon sour patch here...looks like God wants me to try some sour patch..haha...will definitely try these awesome looking watermelon sour patch :)

Awesome presentation. Looks like store bought. Great job done with watermelon. Voted!

Bhawya (author)  sabina delpinoh10 months ago

Thanks Sabina :)

tofugami10 months ago
Love sour candy! Favorited and voted for it. Just curious because I did some watermelon cupcakes (ible coming soon) and the watermelon flavor from the first batch didn't taste strong at all and I ended up using a flavor enhancer, does this taste like a strong waterline flavor?
Bhawya (author)  tofugami10 months ago

yes, you can feel the strong essence of watermelon. Because I just added watermelon, water and citric acid. In cup cakes, it has many ingredients like flour, eggs and all.. So it s hard to taste the watermelon flavour. Thank you so much for the vote. I am waiting to see ur cup cake ible :) have a great day..

tofugami Bhawya10 months ago

Thank you for the prompt reply. That makes complete sense. I can't wait to try them. I just need to go find some citric acid. :-)

My ible is up on the watermelon cupcake.

cambo7310810 months ago
they are delicious
Bhawya (author)  cambo7310810 months ago

Thanks :)

mmaatkamp10 months ago
Nice ible. I like how you put several images together - like a comic they tell a story :)
Bhawya (author)  mmaatkamp10 months ago

:) yes, the image itself convey the procedure of making. Thank you :)

watchmeflyy10 months ago

Mouthwatering.. Nice job!

Bhawya (author)  watchmeflyy10 months ago

Thank you :)

karalalala10 months ago

Aw this is lovely, Im going to try this with my leftover watermelon

Bhawya (author)  karalalala10 months ago

Thank you :) pls do share the pic of your sour patch here ..

Verticees10 months ago

I get hungry just by looking at these!

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