Hello Instructibles! Im back with some new photos of a gun called the S.P.A.R.(Super. Pump. Action. Rifle.) Its a pretty good gun but has some flaws. It shoots about 40 ft max. Pretty good for pump action. It has been modifed from the Adamsdead shotgun so, some credit to him. If you want me to post tell me in the comments below to post. 
Just posted lol
I still think its kinda cruddy :3 Meh I think I should post a knife instead.
Sorry guys, I took this apart :( If you still want it built post the comments below and ill try to re-make it. :)
This is pretty good, try to reiforce the pump though, looks pretty flimsy
Its pretty tough and i bet it could shoot 50+ feet but the trigger is the main problem because it snaps off when you put to much force on. Other tha nthat the pump is abgout as rock-solid as it can get for being that simple
oh ok
Looks cool, I agree with TheAwesomestDude however.
Pretty nice! Better then your others.
Should i post an instructible? <br>
Possibly, see what others think. =)

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