Make something cool with all your rusty spark Plugs in your Garage...It´s time to change the spark plugs of your car....?
First of all doing this ible one spark just explode on my face...and break my grind mask so PLEASE...BE CAREFULL...some cheap spark plugs explode when its overheated...not all of them just one ...fortunately I was wearing my welding mask. But anyway not everything is perfect :No pain no gain.
I´ve made about 150 of this Biplanes and just one time was a little dangerous so don´t be afraid just wear safety equipment.
BTW ...some of you guys will ask: Hey and what about the Guns...? welll I don´t like war neither Gun machines ( Only Knifes, Blades, Axes...etc....I love them all) so I like to think that these planes will drop Sunflowers, candies, Burguers....or whatehver u want or maybe just a message to all of you guys: Have a nice Day and keep on Ibling...

Step 1: Materials & Equipement


TIG or MIG Welder .
Welding safety Equipment
Angle Grinder.
Hammer.(Nop, is not the M.C Hammer).
Bench Vise.
Stationary Grinder
Safety googles and gloves.

Old Spark Plug-
Scrap metal sheets.
Two Lighter wheels.
Spray Paint. ( When you finish it don`t throw the cans It will be so usefull...)


I got to be Honest...I pick up everything that cross on my Way...If I see something interesting in the Highway I Hit the brake and Pick up all those stuff and Old Spark Plugs are as you can imagine my garage is full of those stuff.
Once you get your Spark Plugs you have to clean so well, and wrap it around with some Kind of electrical Tape.

Step 3: Finding the Wings.

Ok ... then ..I feel so lucky because i found some Scrap pieces that match with the shape of the wings and the tail flips too...So I just Smashed down with a hammer and cut the remaining parts of the wings that i used to make the tail of my Biplane.
Then i weld the upper wing and then the lower one , finally  I weld the tail and it´s ready to grind the TIG´s.


Once the fuselage was ready, with two lighter wheels I made the Landing Gear,  I Just take one piece of thin cooper sheet and bend the shape of the wheels then i stick with a tiny weld tig or just thick it or glue it as you want. I try with the inner wheels of some broken mouse. stick them together and looks awesome too.

Step 5: Put on Some Paint.

Welcome to the dirty part of the project...Just put on some fresh colors and make up the fokkers ,made your own designs or the classic ones...(FokkerDR 1, spitfire, Sopwith Camel,Spad XIII,  and get a lot of fun.
BTW ( again) I would thank if anyone would teach me how to chrome this awesome creations.There are a lot of possibilities in Models, shapes and colors Just google it and Paint it I used spray Paint, but I don´t want to throw away the cans...

Step 6: Sky Is the Limit.

 There are a lot of uses to this Toy. Weightpapers, Mobiles, Souvenirs...etc...Sumbit yor thoughts and suggestions and share with the comunity. Hope you like it...and get off all the spark plugs on the road, put them some wings and Let it Fly...BTW   I would love If any oy you guys teach me how to chrome my planes...Until the next ible...that will be soon...i´m wondering how to use the empty Spray paint cans...! I GOT IT...¡ Time to work...



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    I to have been building spark plug bi-planes. You can see a couple on my recent instructable for building a shelving unit here:

    Very cool idea :)

    i think its a spring compressor

    I saw some of these at Cinco de Mayo fair & loved them. I came on here to get instructions & saw there's noway possible for me to do it...Are you really willing to trade keychains for these? The ones I saw had copper wings and varied in colors. I'm wanting to hang several of them down my hallway on various lengths of fishing line. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

    I tell you what... I really want to share my biplanes with the world!!! There are some iblers that ask me for those . I was wondering if I could sell them in the instructables store...I'm going to ask...I have more than 3000 keychains!! I love it so much...but one of the main reasons that keep me in instructables is to win one leatherman juice with my name on it !!! and I couldn't until now...I like trading with if you really want that my biplanes cross the oceans to your home...give me your address tell me what do you want to trade...and thats all.
    Thnks for your kind comments...

    I WANT ONE SO BAD! But I suck at this kind of stuff

    Can i get one for free?!!!!

    Off course....Take one...!!!

    I will trade you for one, I am from Canada, Ontario to be exact. I would trade you a keychain for a sparkplug biplane.

    Thanks, John

    Ok then need more info like your address And zip.a key chain would be perfect what about a keychain and a Book...?