cut inner tube in many little mini donuts with an hole in the middle to allowed screw in.screw together plaxiglass and plywood, YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO PUT MANY RING OF INNER TUBE between the plaxiglasss and the innertube, otherwise it will crac.
<p><strong>Like this very much, I'm going to make one,well made.</strong></p>
<p>Thank you, they are really fun to make</p>
<p>i'm going to make this. thank you</p>
<p>This would look very nice with cacti in them. They need very little water to thrive. Have you thought of making a 3 litre soda bottle terranium? </p>
Where did you find the plastic bubble ?
In the street, but you can find similar things in junk yards <br>
This is neat - I've been looking for a terrarium for my room for some time now. I will have to look into this!!
Oh that's so neat. Reminds me of something you see on Startrek except it was filled with water and it had a lion fish in it.
Really cool terrarium. But doesn't the wood get moldy? I know you said you've had it for over a year already. Just everything I've ever known tells me wet wood should grow mold and mildew.
it doesent mold couse I ve covered it with few layer of watherproof house painting <br>(step 2)
Oh, sorry, I missed the waterproof detail on the paint.
That is a very nice looking Terrarium! I like the style. <br> <br>You shouldn't need to add CO2 for several reasons: <br> <br>1. Plants exhale O2 during the day, but they exhale CO2 at night. The exchange is somewhat weighted toward eventually using up the CO2 BUT <br> <br>2. Unless you are trying VERY hard for a perfect seal, there is enough airflow to keep the plants healthy. Of more concern is dialing in the perfect amount of airflow to keep the humidity at a moderate level. Too wet will promote mold, too dry and the plants won't be happy. <br> <br>The plants won't grow as fast as if they had a super abundant supply of CO2 BUT <br>3. You really don't want terrarium plants to grow fast. Most people grow terrariums for their extreme low maintenance, which means you won't want to be in there trimming all of the time. <br> <br>Of course if you had some high humidity vegetables or herbs (not many out there) growing in a terrarium, then CO2 might increase your yield.
thank you! and you re right, i dont really want the plant becoming too giant too fast or I will have to cange terrarium soon!
I love this! Great job! I think the hole is just fine - you can add items (a pretty rock or shell that you find) and change things around if you like without taking it down. If you wanted to fill in the back hole, you could add a mirror.
You should find a way to hook up a steady flow of CO2 so the plants will grow better. :]
I cant understand this CO2... why should i put it? there is a huge hole in the front of the plexiglass , you can see it if you look carefully...i have this terrarium for more than one year and the plant like it...
you could add the CO2 instead of having a big hole in the front. just for asthetics i guess.
yes, I will try it if is easy... but you still need the hole in the front to watering the plants, and clean them from dead leaves, or replace them... it doesent look too bad! but I will think about the CO2 things for the next one, thanks!
but there is 4 hole around the top and a huge one in the front...

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