This Railroad Spike Hanger is an easy instructable..
Yes... it has simple welding step a friend can do for you..

And looks cool like a Spike barely touching a beam and
then any kind of fun LED lantern makes the illusion perfect.

I'm making one more for my friend..

Step 1: What You Need

An Iron Railroad Spike
A 3/8" Lag Bolt.. I had a lag eye

A Hack Saw $ 3.99 each
Metal 24TPI ( Teeth Per Inch ) Hacksaw Blades  $5.99 PACK OF 10.
An 8" flat Metal File $1.99 each
A Wire Brush $1.49 each
A 3/8" Spade Bit  under $1.50
A 6" or bigger Adjustable Wrench under $4.00

If you don't have a welder, ask a friend or have a local shop do it for you.
This is a quick weld job and should be bottom dollar by a welding shop.
why not just use jb quick or weld?
Welding is the stronger of the methods and actually requires less preparatory work.<br> The metal joint distributes the torque stress evenly across the metal junction.<br> <br> I do provide the information to make the a sturdy epoxy joint possible<br> for those who are not welding their spike.&nbsp;<br> Epoxy,&nbsp; if too thin,&nbsp; can start a crack and tear when being torqued into a new wood hole.<br> <br> A<br> <br>
I have epoxy and jb weld I could try this if I had a spike
They can be found walking along a RR track.
thanks for the tip I know where a railroad track is but I have no idea if there will be one or not
You go for an hours walk on a remote rail area<br> and see if some of the spikes jumped out of the track.<br> Which regularly happens on a well used path.<br> <br> Or if you see a working fix wagon just ask for a few used ones<br> they may give you more then you can carry.
thinks for the info iceng
Very cool. This would make a great addition to any room or porch.
Thanks for the compliment :)
This is awesome! <br> <br>Do you think JB Weld would be a viable option for those who don't weld or know a welder?
You could also cut off the tip of the spike and drill a hole the size of the lag down the center, then insert a longer segment of the screw into it. It would work well for JB weld. <br> <br>On the other hand you could just hammer it into the wall... You own a log cabin right?
It's a log house... and how did you know that?
Oh you know, secret government cameras and all that... ;) <br>Hammer it is then? lol
NO. I still say &quot;Screw it!&quot;... and your little cameras, too! ;-D
Was a pony shelter with 8 tel pole grade upright columns.<br> Now a summer shade for our grand kiddy park
Sure if the scoring is performed to give the epoxy the purchase strengh to attach itself to the metals.<br> Do understand that it won't be as strong as a weld.<br> But a lamp hanger will work with the promised 900 PSI on the package..<br> <br> A
Very nice, looks great. I wonder how hard a RR spike is to hacksaw?
Thanks for your comment.&nbsp; The Spikes I have, are easy to hacksaw by hand once the blade grabs.&nbsp; .&nbsp; A<br>

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