Step 5: Ready,

With the button in the middle, hold the bights of the string in each hand.  You can use one or two fingers, or your thumbs.
take a metal bottle cap. smash it flat. nail two holes in it. string it. and fight with your friends who could cut there opponents string first.
How did we survive our childhood?
<p>I fought with chains and hammers, I have no idea.</p>
ah, childhood memories -- of the noise this thing would make when you would sneak up to a neighbor's bathroom window, at night (seeing that the neighbor was sitting on the 'throne') and let this toy loose on the glass window. Great instructable.
This was one of my favorite toys as a child. I spent countless hours playing with it but never fully appreciated the physics of it all. Thanks for the reminder!
We both probably didn't appreciate that our mom was making them for us to keep us out of their hair so they could sew.<br>
That's a nice description of a traditional toy.<br><br>(I love the noise these things make)
Thanks. This is one of those things that jars your brain back to your childhood. If you look at the first picture, you can see the vibrations in the string.

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