SPRING ROLL SKIN Lasagna--Vegan & GF bonus hands free garlic peeling video

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I’m all about looking at ingredients and thinking how they can be used in a way not originally intended.  In honor of National Vegan Day this lasagna recipe is not only vegan and gluten free, but also doesn’t require boiling noodles.  I hate doing that—you have to heat up the water, add the pasta sheets, bring to a boil and fish them out before they are entirely cooked then drain them.   What seems to be the hardest part is handling them without sticking together and/or tearing.  To overcome the only thing between me and the lasagna recipe of my dreams is to use spring roll skins—the rice and tapioca flour-based pasta rounds used to make fresh spring rolls in Thai restaurants. 

This technique for hands free garlic peeling is absolutely one of my favorites and love the opportunity to share this video http://www.saveur.com/article/Video/video-How-to-Peel-a-Head-of-Garlic-in-Less-Than-10-Seconds  by Executive Editor Tom Coleman Saveur Magazine.  It is brilliant.
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Step 1: Saucy Stuff

Picture of Saucy Stuff
You will need:
2 Tablespoons olive oil
2 garlic cloves
1 Tablespoon fresh parsley
1/2 cup medium diced onions
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 16 ounce can tomato sauce    
8 ounces quartered mushrooms

Step 2: Garlic peeling

Picture of Garlic peeling
This is my version of peeling garlic without using your hands.  Place the cloves in a clean coffee can and shake for 30 seconds.  Sorry mine takes a little longer, but I love the sound it makes when shaking.

Step 3: Mince garlic with salt

Picture of Mince garlic with salt
Add a little salt to the garlic cloves before mincing--it keeps the garlic from clumping together.

Step 4: Back on the Sauce

Picture of Back on the Sauce
In a heavy saucepan add the olive oil, garlic and parsley and let infuse the oil for 20-30 minutes on the lowest possible temperature setting .  Stir occasionally. Avoiding a higher temp prevents the garlic from browning and turning bitter.
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a winner in the pasta contest!
chefsea (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
pointfndr2 years ago
This lasagna looks delicious! I'm always looking for yummy vegan meals to make for my sister - Thanks!
sprinkles682 years ago
This looks delicious!!! nom nom and fairly simple too
chefsea (author)  sprinkles682 years ago
Thanks and it is easy to make.
That is a beautiful lasagna! I guess I've never seen spring roll skin. Does it have a taste?
chefsea (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Spring roll skins literally taste like wet noodles--no flavor really to speak of, but they are substantial enough to keep the lasagna together.