SPYDRINKZ Cupholder/Charger-turn A Fast Food Cupholder Into A Phone Charger!

Picture of SPYDRINKZ Cupholder/Charger-turn A Fast Food Cupholder Into A Phone Charger!
The SpyDrinkz project is all about cell phones-hiding them in fast food cups for making discreet calls at any time in any place. But what's a gadget without power? These disguised cups will work all the better with a disguised charger! This Instructable will show you how to make a charger for your SpyDrinkz (or just phone in general) that looks just like a fast food cupholder!
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Step 1: Materialz

Picture of Materialz
You will need: one fast-food cupholder, a phone charger, and a switchblade (or knife/scissors).

Step 2: Hole

Picture of Hole
Poke a hole in the center of the cupholder using your blade.

Step 3: Insert

Picture of Insert
Insert the phone end of the charger up through the hole so the small end is on the top side of the cupholder.

Step 4: Thread

Picture of Thread
Thread the charger cord through the cupholders. It should go around about twice, as shown.

Step 5: Charging Your SpyDrink

Picture of Charging Your SpyDrink
Insert your SpyDrink into the cupholder, and open the small charger flap. Insert the charger. You can now charge your SpyDrink! Even if you aren't making SpyDrinkz, you can still use this for any cell phone. Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!
Colonel Hogan9 months ago
Its a great idea
nerfrocketeer (author)  Colonel Hogan8 months ago
Colonel Hogan9 months ago
Aren't switchblades illegal? For me it is
nerfrocketeer (author)  Colonel Hogan8 months ago
True, I made an error. The knife I was talking about is actually a jackknife (which is legal). Switchblades have buttons on them, while jacknives are spring-assisted and flip out manually.