SR-V1 Bipod Mod





Introduction: SR-V1 Bipod Mod

Killerks SR-V1 Bipod Confused me so I made my own Bipod to fit it. I hope you like my Design!

Step 1: Leg or Bipod

Make two legs for the Bipod.

Step 2: Bipod Mechanics

This is what will make the Bipod Slide open and closed

Step 3: Attaching the Bipod

These pieces will attach the Bipod legs to the slideing piece.

Step 4: Putting the Bipod Together

This is how you put the Bipod together.

Step 5: Putting the Other Side Together

Now attach the other side of the Bipod

Step 6: Bipod

Attach the Two piesec togather to bake the bipod Move in and out

Step 7: Attaching the Legs to the Bipod

Now attach the Legs To the Bipod

Step 8: Making the Attachment Piece

This piece will make the attachment for the Bipod

Step 9: Putting It Together

Now you will put together the Attachment piece

Step 10: The Attachment Piece for the Bipod

This piece will attach the Bipod to the Gun

Step 11: Putting It Together

Now we will put together the Bipod Attachment

Step 12: Putting It All Together

Now we put the entire bipod together

Step 13: Attaching the Bipod to the Gun

Now we will finally attach the Bipod to the gun

Step 14: My Mini SR-V1

This is my mini SR-V1, i made it small so that i had enough pieces to make other Guns

Step 15: Mini Sr-V1

If anyone would like me to teach them how to amke a mini SR-V1, I will make an Instructable for it



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    can you post instructions for a mini srv1 and make it alot better than tbone121's instructions.

    2 replies

    dude just go on killerk one and reduce the barel

    all he really did was shorten the barrel and stock

    oh, now i know what you mean

    i not sure what you mean

    you should have made the top scope thing a yellow rod or something.

    please tell me how far does it fire

    The Instructable is on the site, its called "Mini SR-V1"

    almost done- i will be ready with it possibly tonight

    please post instructions for the mini i dont like killerk's instructions and i dont have enough yellows to make his but i can make yours so it would be great if you could

    I just made some modifications to my Gun so when I make the Instructable, the Gun will look a little bit different

    Also Smoshbebeast, We are either having the WAr on Thursday or Friday We still are deciding-make sure you have two guns with you when ever we have the war

    Hey SmoshBeBeast, I'm Almost done with the instructions for the Mini Sr-v1, Sorry, I might need one more day to finish up

    Hey t-bone, just wanted to tell u that I made my own knex gun and it shoots pretty hard. If we have that Knex war any time soon with savvas and ryan I could show u how to make it. Also when do u think u'll have the instructions for the miny sr-v1 I want to make it, it's awsome

    Hey shot pain, is your SR-V1 a Smaller version like mine? Also, can you show me the stock that you built in your SR-V1?

    Wow your Srv1 looks almost exactly like mine but my stock is from a M4

    Clever design, much more durable than KillerK's original. I'll be sure to build it. Oh, and your keywords say SR, V1 "biopod" mod Might want to change it to bipod so people will see this easier.

    Nice job, I like the bipod and I am going to try and build it when I have enough pieces. Incase ur wondering who this is it's Matt