Hi! Well Lowney posted the SR-V2 , But It wasn't KillerK's , It had the same mech, but the rest was a little bit different. But I made it EXACTLY Like Killerks.

100% CREDIT TO KILLERK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Step 1: Handle


Step 2: Body/Stock


Step 3: Barrel

Not so simple.

Step 4: Fore Grip


Step 5: Connecting


Step 6: Your Done!

Yay! you get a cookie!

Step 7: Your SR-V2

Post Pictures of you're SR V2!
<p>jesus how fAr does it shoot?</p>
Thanks for making good instructions
=) <br />
I just now noticed the Megaminx on your desk. :P
Yay!<br /> Hows it work for you?<br />
Uhm.. 200ft about!<br />
Yeah, mine only shot 335FT or so.<br />
Yeah its a great gun.<br />
Yep KILLERK is awesome.<br />
More like EPIC!<br />
Yeah but you got shot with it and have&nbsp; a welt in the place I shot you.<br /> <br /> On your butt!<br />
cool!<br />
Tanks!<br />
<br />
Thats not a tank, this is a tank!
THIS IS A REAL TANK<br><br><br>
no this is a tank
No I think you will find that this is!
yep thats a tank no strings attached hahahahaha pun
DUDE imagine that outside ur house point at u lol ( i would take the keys to it and start ramming everybody over) hehe
<p>I think that is a scorpion Infantry combat vechicle, not a tank.</p>
I searched for tanks...<br />
Well google isn't always going to come up with exactly what you want, now is it?
DJ went pro!!!!!!!!!! Yay now pros won't be considered noobs!!!!!
I went pro like 6 months ago...
and your not pro any more eh?
Expired 2 days ago.
ohh that sucks r you gonna go pro again?
Don't have monies. Probably won't go pro unless someone donates again.
or you could just hack
yeah, I guess you're right<br />
Who cares?&nbsp;&nbsp;It looks like a tank...<br />
Not really, it does not look like a MBT.
What does an MBT mean?&nbsp;&nbsp;Anyways it still looks like a tank.&nbsp; <br />
This is an MBT-2000...
That is a tank, but looks more like a russian t-80 thatn a MBT-2000.
WHO&nbsp;CARES????<br />
You, because you asked.
Waiiit, back the train up.&nbsp;&nbsp;I&nbsp;thought he had a txt spk there when he said MBT.&nbsp; I thought the one Mr.&nbsp;Muggle posted looked enough like a tank.<br />
I'm just saying, you asked what an MBT was, and I told you.<br /> <br /> No need to get all Capslocky on me.
Main Battle Tank
like me
Lol, you took that joke from me. :-P<br />
:-D <br /> <br /> Lol, I didn't expect you'd check the comments on a gun forum<br />

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