This is my newest knex sniper rifle. It is a cross between my AR-4 commando v2 and my Longbow v2.

The best thing about this gun is that it sports a new sear system trigger which is very reliable. It is also very long and looks great.


- sear system trigger
- never jams or misfires
- has a sight
- looks awesome
- good range (30-50 feet)
- easy to use


- a bit skeletony
- Uses a lot of parts

Version history

1.0- the prototype was an excellent one.
1.1- Shortened the stock butt and modded the scope
1.2- added grip and fake barrel
1.3- made the gun less skeletony and modded bipod

Lets get started!
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Step 3: Add scope (optional)

Picture of Add scope (optional)
Instructions 009.JPG
This is where you add the scope to the handle and stock

1. the scope
2. connect

Step 6: Barrel part 3

Picture 1- connect tan lock barrel to lower barrel
Picture 2- front view
Picture 3- make this part
Picture 4- firing pin
Picture 5- add firing pin

Step 7: Bipod (optional)

this is an optional bipod.

Picture 1- overview
Picture 2- close up on the foot
Picture 3- connect bipod

Partial credit goes to Dutchj for this part.
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HaHa! The first version kinda' sucks! (No offence or anything!)
DJ Radio (author)  PotatoCoffee10 months ago

Honestly, yeah, it was just a rough concept gun demonstrating sear systems. Its stupid.

wertywaster4 years ago
Hey thats cool, i like the other one better
Merugop5 years ago
Well isee that half of the gun is i wright?
DJ Radio (author)  Merugop5 years ago
Nope. The back half is a stock, or shoulder rest.
Jesus.5 years ago
the old version looks UGLY the new one looks very good and it looks cool
DJ Radio (author)  Jesus.5 years ago
they are both old, and long gone. The new one was just filled up with connectors on the front.
Jesus. DJ Radio5 years ago
yeah your ar4 v3 is much better
DJ Radio (author)  Jesus.5 years ago
wurd. This does have a new trigger tho.
Owenmon5 years ago
Wait. Does the trigger hold the rubber bands, or does it hold the ram?
DJ Radio (author)  Owenmon5 years ago
It holds the rubberbands, which in turn holds the ram.
fived faved and bulit

DJ Radio (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak5 years ago
cool! perhaps you can make a video? do not post it on youtube, just upload the video file here.
ok do you want me to review it?
DJ Radio (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak5 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak5 years ago
ok =)
i dont know whether to build this. is it powerful?
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend5 years ago
its sorta powerful, but not that much.
Piece list please. Not wanting to break down my SR-V1.
i liked the srv1 also, but it tore up a couple of my dark blue connectors.
DJ Radio (author)  noob builder5 years ago
im sorry, i took it apart. But it doesnt use a lot of parts.
I see.. im making it..How many layers of orange is the fake barrel?
And ís the blue ring after the white or before?
DJ Radio (author)  noob builder5 years ago
doesnt matter.
DJ Radio (author)  noob builder5 years ago
3 layers.
The Jamalam5 years ago
rofl wtf is up with the new pic?
ajleece5 years ago
I love the new main pic...
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece5 years ago
haha thanx!
DrWeird1176 years ago
Got 6 feet with it. This sucks.
Where'd the zero go? I GOT SIXTY FEET WITH THIS! 5* AND a sub.
DJ Radio (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
haha. Its easy to do something wrong with my gun. My friend stole my gun and ammo to try to shoot me for payback, but he loaded it wrong, and it backfired. It hit him in the face!
LOL Pwned. Truly.
DJ Radio (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
yeah. I hit him in the gut before that, and he fell down in pain.
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oh ok.....
(removed by author or community request)
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